Indian Tourism : Need to focus again

If you are concerned with Growth of Indian economy, You can’t ignore the Tourism. Tourists, leave their home with pockets filled of cash and spend a good deal of money in a very short period of their trip. From a local Chaiwala to Dhobi, from Multiplex to Hotel, from Autowala to Taxi driver , Fruit vendor to Gift seller and Photographer ; everyone gets their share from a Tourist.


Being Indian, I know my country has everything you want in a Trip, but still I can see we are not getting enough.

India is having a number of beautiful Forts scattered all over, beautiful beaches, historical temples and mosques, forests and wildlife, mountains and ice peaks for adventure and skiing, oldest cities of world and beautiful monuments every here and there. Indians no more wear Dhotis, they wear cool jeans and speak English; they are not snake charmers and tribal anymore that many from west still think. We are very welcoming people and always ready to host foreign guys. 


But you know what! In 2013, only 6.8 Million international tourists visited us. During same period, France hosted 84 million , China 55 and Thailand 23. We were at 38th spot worldwide. Do we deserve this?

In Delhi, when December 2012 Nirbhaya Rape news aired worldwide, tourist arrival in India got a pause for next 6 Months. Same had happened during Taj hotel bombings in 2008. Tourists withdraw themselves every time we have a heated up time with Pakistan.  They don’t know ki Tamilnadu has nothing to do with Pakistan. Only thing they know is India’s border is having a bad time and that is enough for them to cancel their tickets.

Tourism sector runs with Goodwill, it runs if a visitor feels safe, it runs if he believes that he will return safely. Take the example of  Jammu and Kashmir; It is often compared with Switzerland due to its breathtakingly beautiful landscape. But why it don’t get the number of footfalls it deserves? You know the reason.

Unless we assure the world that our country is safe and clean, nothing will improve.

“This Bombing, that rape, that theft with foreign tourists, this garbage dump here and those eve teasers there”  All these things are limiting our potential.


Bullet trains : Most discussed dream

Yesterday, I saw Chinese railway website and discovered that You can travel a distance of 1700 Km in mere 8 hours in China. Here it takes like 35 Hours or at least 25 in Rajdhani Express which is one of the fastest available options.

What these countries did that they reached so far? Now India wants to purchase the technology and infrastructure of Bullet trains from Japan or China. China is an attractive seller as its price per unit train is 3 times lower than Japan. However Japanese bullet trains are known for their superior quality as well as safety measures. Japanese Bullet trains never had any accident in their history of 50 years; However we remember a very unlucky accident in Chinese bullet train killing at least 300 People.

When the first bullet train will run in India, probably between Ahmedabad and Mumbai; We will get the thrill of a Roller coaster. Just like it happens in Roller coaster, we will unboard the train and will want to travel again. But how? Ticket prices will soar up at least 5 times keeping in mind the huge investment done (something like 60000 crore per Kilometer of track). So will Bullet trains attract enough passenger?

I mean why people wont take flights then? With so much competition in Aviation, prices are coming down rapidly. Already 1st class AC fare of Railways and Flight prices of same route are comparable. Then how many persons are supposed to board the costly bullet trains which will have more accidental probability as we wont be able to make security arrangements like Japan, to be frank.

Should not govt. think the other way? More Airports should be constructed, more private players in aviation should be allowed to heat up the competition. It will be good for new generation of India. For our Railways, all trains can be updated to Shatabdi kind of stuff. Our domestic technology can hike up the speed of railways at least 30% more, it is fine. We have more critical things to focus with limited economic resources than Bullet train.

Someone says “India ki slow trains ka bhi apna hi maja hai, har station pe utar ke Chai aur samsose bullet trains me nhi kha paoge


Artificial living : But till When ?

Remembering the old days when Climbing a tree and eating JAAMUN or MANGO without washing and sometimes making a roll of ROTI and eating it while wearing the pants. We still do it when at a comfortable place or with some good old friends.

3 Years Back, when I Got a chance to visit 5 star hotel for lunch ; It was less about the food more about decoration. When they presented the food, it was decorated like it is meant to be seen not eaten. And what to tell about the complex machines with which the food was to be eaten. The normal homely spoon was not visible at table even.

They were all gentlemen sitting around, laughing so timidly and eating totally mouth closed. Those people are called The Gentlemen of society. They are totally up to the socially acceptable behavior. One says a thing and other accepts it without any argument,fake smiles fill the room, there is nothing like disagreement. Say you killed Gandhi and everyone will want to know Why? No one will say ki you didn’t.

We were monkeys, slowly we became human few crore years ago. We started making discoveries and reached to blogging, but i am sure we lost the spirit that monkeys still have. If you also work in a corporate like me, you know what PROFESSIONALISM means. And only God can save if your boss is a PRUDE having no social life and whose wife is already cheating on him.

images (1)

Why you laugh so loud? Why didn’t you stood up when he entered the room? Why your mobile isn’t on Silent? Your pant is little loose, not professional! You need to wear full sleeve, Tatoo on Arms are not professional! Ladies first! Why did you disagree with him in public? Why you eat so slowly? Why you took 2 pieces of sweet, everyone took only One.

In corporate world, No one is really himself. Everyone is just a mirror of other who is already mirroring the standard person. And in this situation, the One who is still natural looks unnatural and draws criticism. It is the real problem.

These humans of today, live for show OFF. They have no life and soul of theirs. They go to vacations, book Air conditioned hotels similar to their homes. They visit new places, but the only places where everyone else is going.

” The untouched places still remain untouched,

we need to walk for those places as cars don’t reach there

The never seen things still remain never seen,

Never felt emotions still remain never felt,

we need to stop gathering in bulk for Happiness “


Dr. Mam Mohan Singh : Credit due

Say to Friends that You never lie and they will say ” Aaya bda Harishchandra”

It is because of age old story that Raja Harishchandra never lied even in worst of times.

And it was strange to observe when a shy boy’s mother said laughingly ” Mera beta to doosra Manmohan hai” . Manmohan singh, an expert in Finance has been largely termed as mutest prime minister of India. His character sketch, whenever made is plain as a white paper.

When a journalist asked him ” Don’t you laugh? ”

He replied with a blush ” I Laugh too often, but my beard is all over my lips and my smile is hardly visible from a distance” Will you believe that person had a very passionate love story when he was in London during College time?

India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh smiles in New Delhi

When he was asked ” Why is Pakistan so daring to attack our borders every now and then? “. His answer was an obvious silence but Narendra Modi, Gujrat’s chief minister at that time became agressive saying that Manmohan Singh led government has no self respect at all.

Even today, same attacks are happening more bluntly than before and same Narendra Modi is prime minister of India. It is the game that time plays with Human. Earlier, for every food inflation, only person responsible was Dr. Manmohan Singh. Now Monsoon and Iraq crisis are also responsible.

Dr. Manmohan Singh was an Underachiever, says The Independent newspaper. Many agree and many are more kind to him. Khuswant Singh, Senior journalist who died few weeks back believed that Manmohan singh is the best prime minister of India till date even better than Nehru.

3 Months have passed of BJP Govt. One after another, Narendra Modi has inaugurated several projects. Katra railway, INS Vikrmaditya, SEZ in Maharashtra, Kolakulam Nuclear Reactor, INS Kolkata and too much this and that. Not even in single speech, he gave a particle of credit to previous govt. who laid the foundation of all those things.

Narendra Modi is a hard worker and excellent thinker and may be, in next 5 years he will transform many things for Indians. But till today, I have only seen his selfish and cruel side. From the surface you may feel everything fine, but just take your focus nearer and you will find a Manipulator.



Who is actually a Blogger?

And those random scientists say ki Bloggers are a layer full of Dreams and thoughts. Over the year, they have developed their minds at a rapid pace and they have identified their personality type.

Blogger Society is full of Happy and positive people who have everything in their life but all of them want more. Bloggers are generally Good loooking and confident in person but slightly distant from the World. Probably it is true for me, for you or all of us? Is it?