A terrible thing ;PARTITION of PAKISTAN

They were with us until 1947, everything was good. Lahore and Karachi were as much Indian as much Delhi and Kolkata. You could take a train from Bhopal to Karachi or Lahore to Mumbai via Multan.

But some people wanted a different identity; a different roof to live under. They didn’t do the far sighted analysis of problems associated with a new nation; they only rushed with hot blood. And today, many of them regret the partition. I am not lying, many of them regret it particularly the Pakistani who live in foreign.

Jinnah, wanted Pakistan to be a country of Peace, he wanted Pakistan to be a role model , a religion free place. But from the first day, he saw wide bloodshed. His soul cried and he has written ” Pakistan was my mistake” before his death.

Since Independence, India has been able to successfully establish the Democarcy ( A biggest achievement ) . Now a days, world see us a forthcoming superpower and every country is shaking hands with us. India has been able to curb religious wars under its land. More or less, all religions live with pretty less nit and grit. But Pakistan could not do this.

Army overthrew the democracy again and again and kept the country politically unstable ( And till today, Democracy isnt completely established there). Religious groups have established themselves firm and killing many in everyday blasts. in 2000s, when the whole  world is going forward at a very fast economic  rate, Pakistan is growing at 3-4 %. No tourists go there , Companies think 10 times before investing in Pakistan, foreign delegates go  there rarely ( Except China). Badnaam hi itna ho gya hai.

You can also say, India is also far behind the developed world community but our comparison with Pakistan makes us look in a better shape. We started from same point and in same time, India is ahead. From every angle, the Partition has done nothing good for their side.  We have also faced disadvantages of Partition but it hardly matters as Pakistan was their choice. Their choice could not make them happy.

Things are not working out for them; like a neglected twin, they feel jealous of us but who can be blamed. Now i can see Pakistan, with a sad face and looking at India.  Looking at Growing and smiling India. Looking at Bollywood and Modi. Looking at countries investing in us and coming to see Tajmahal. Looking at Mangalyaan and our Panchsheel.

I am sorry for my Pakistani brothers and sisters; we could have been a family but it was your choice….


Solitude : The Essence of an Artist

I went through a strange fact. Most of the Writers, Lyricists , composers and even singers admit that too much exposure to Media and fans deteriorates the quality of their work. They say, the best work of their life was produced when they were alone, away from the sounds of world.. It is right too.


Even though I am not famous at all, But still I can sense the above Fact is true. When I am away from everyone, slightly ignored ; only then writable content from within arises. Have party with friends, and you won’t see inside yourselves. You ll be too busy seeing outside and laughing.

You all will agree with me as i firmly believe that all bloggers are very intellectual creatures. Only when we are hurt a bit, a bit sad, a bit away and alone ; only then our mind go crazy and we yearn for a paper and pen for writing ( Most of times).

I remember in 2011, when in my trip to KEYLONG ( Lahul & Spiti , Himachal; I request everyone to see Keylong in google images) ; my tour mates cancelled the trip at last minute. I was too exited to control myself, I had ticket and money; Whom should I wait? I reached in Himalya at decided time, all alone. In that cold area, even in month of June; I was all alone on Rohtang pass. Only then strange sea of thoughts started arising from within, I felt like someone give me a diary right now and I promise not to stop until a single page is left.

Mirza Ghalib, Gulzar, A.R. rehman and Michael Jackson say, their best works were produced when they got isolated from world. They went on hill stations, a remote location or whatever and without talking to anyone for days, only sat with a pen. In those moments of Nature, solitude and ignorance; your real inner self comes outside in a divine form.

I can truly understand why our SADHU and RISHI used to do TAPASYA in Himalayas. Why Gautam Buddha left his home ? Why every famous saint?

You can’t meet your real self unless, you are only one around. Then your Shy soul appears and tells what it has for you. After that trip, I missed my days of Solitude. I observed it was a very fruitful period. Then in hunger for more, I arranged a trip of Rajasthan desert for me, 10 days all alone. Friends wanted to come, but I was hungry of loneliness.

I was feeling amazing, having no one with me. No one to interfere my plans, again my soul came outside and sat with me. I wrote a long biography of me that night ( lol still unreleased). Even today, when I don’t find time for  travels and whatever, I take my time for solitude. I love that time, being with yourself.

Reader will call  me a crazy teen but guys who have experienced this will understand. Thanks for Giving time!!!

” Solitude is always the first step of self discovery”


My love for News Anchors

You see Shweta Singh of AAJ TAK, she holds a good deal of knowledge about almost everything ( as a good anchor should). But out of professionalism, a girlish element is still left in her. She never misses the chances to show a bit of fun and humor even on serious news reports. This makes her news reports always alive and fresh.

Most of the Anchors who are admired, have a common thing in themselves. THEY ARE SIMPLY THEMSELVES. I mean, the Anchor who reads the news like a Robot with no expression and no touch of himself will go un-noticed.

See Ravish Kumar of NDTV, always sitting back. In no hurry or worry, relaxed always. Always in a slight mood of wit and speaks in a rather low volume with some dramatic words and shayari every now and then. He is widely respected and listened to, not to mention that he has won BEST ANCHOR award several times.

As relaxed is Ravish kumar, Anjana Om Kashyap of Aaj Tak is very opposite. Always stiff and in hurry. Sometimes cutting the speaker in between and is very assertive. However she is beautiful and bears a very attractive body language. She never hides from asking very direct questions and her interviews quite much attract me.

The list is too long. But Punya Prasun Vajpayee of Aaj Tak and Abhisaar of ABP News are also the faces who increase the TRP.

But among all, Nidhi Kulpati of NDTV has something else. It is true that she is certainly not in Top 20 list but her calm and very dim smile on every serious remark makes her show a must watch for me. Let it be any profession, your presentation skill always remains with you.

No matter what you do, don’t be a robot. Give it your color, even if your color is not pleasureful,it will be better than no color at all.



Pandavs in Mahabharat lived in AGYAATVAAS for 13 years. That was a difficult task as 5 most famous Kings had to live for 13 years unrecognized by anyone. However they managed to get on it.

Hey, is it Still possible? I mean all of us live from Home to school and then from office to home back. cant we just live for 1 year without anyone near or dear? ( I know 13 will be too large).

Very rich people can afford this, very poor people can also do this as they travel too much to find work or whatever.. But we MIDDLE CLASS; we are the guys with most pity. We can’t afford to live 1 year without doing anything and even if we can, our social circumstances never allow.

who made this social structure? From centuries, social structure is passing through self correcting stages and finally it is the best till date. May be more changes will happen in future and after 1000 years, the life of an average kid may vary but what about mine?

I sometimes think about living 1 year without doing anything ( And of course not at home too). Having enough money for surviving one year and then sit in train ( Even in 3 rd class). Go to Varanasi ghats, Patna heritages, Crazy Kolkata , beautiful Seven sister states then, Passing through amazing Nizams of  Hyderabad and then stay in Rameshwaram for few days. Then go to Banglore and beautiful Nilgiri hills and ancient port of Kochin; spend a month in Goa then. Mumbai, Ahmedabad and then few days in sandy landscape of Madhya pardesh( As in Paan SIngh Tomar) , then in desert of Jaisalmer and What about living in Agra for few days? Then in CAPITAL and moving to beautiful Haryana and Punjab. A weekend in Chandigarh and then in Himachal and finally spending few days in LEH & LADDAKH with Buddhist kids in red dresses and shaved heads. One year is such a long thing and all this can happen.

Why cant we ? I think about it and get thrilled. I dont know what is holding me back but some string is there. I know, I will rebel someday.I am 21 and a lot of life is left ( if God wants). I am sure that someday, my heart will break all the chains created by mind and let me go freely. Alone, No one with me as that spoils my taste. I want to sleep on Beaches, boats and on mountains (and not generally all the  co-travelers will like the Idea)


In that one year, I want to wear Saffron clothes and go through all Vedas and Geeta ( In Varanasi). In Kolkata, I want to walk through the narrow streets and see the memories left by British guys. I want to experience ANNA culture in Chennai and also see house of Rajnikath ( It must be hanging in Air). In kochin, i want to see Kaju and Elaichi Gardens. In Goa, I must go to gym and learn Guitar ( My dream). May be i ll spend 2 months in goa then. Then in Mumbai , I ll wave to Amitabh bacchan on front of his house on a random sunday afternoon; i ll also learn dance in Mumbai. In Madhya Pardesh, I want to sail in Chambal river which passes through sandy dunes called BIHADS. What else? Visitng Lahul & Spiti of Himachal and exploring the free fall and Para gliding. Living in Leh- Laddakh with Buddhist guys and see the development stages of Buddhism which is a branch of Hinduism.

I am as much player, as much thinker, as much reader and as much speaker. I can play every sport, i know swimming. I am interested in Science also in religion. I love parents particularly my Dadi Ma. I don’t know how will I fit in today’s society? People are so much manipulated, so much timely routined. This job and all is not for me; I should be flying like a piece of paper in Air. It is possible without money too ( As our saints too) but I dont want to be a beggar either.

Anyone suggest me something!!! And also Camel ride in Rajasthan.


The Power of Unseen

” I want to tell you something, but” I said.

” Say” says my girl friend.

But i kept on making suspense. ” Well, Later” I teased her.

” No, Tell me now” she insisted.

” Please, don’t force me.. It is not the right time” I wanted to see her in desperate mode.

We played this game for like 10 minutes but then i yielded. I told her about my first job; she congratulated me from the heart (I know she was happier than me ) .

In life, we see this example too often. When we conceal something , even for small time and even for fun ; we have immense power over other persons at that moment. Till we keep holding the secret, their imagination keeps running; from east to west and from worst to best.

I remember one incidence of my High school time. My friend used to like a girl, she was his classmate and both were good friends. He wanted to propose her and asked for my advice that i happily gave ; next day:

” I want to tell you something, Even if you don’t feel the same, I hope you will try to understand.  ” he said to her after the class in an unusual serious tone.

” What, tell me”

” I am not sure if this is the Right time. We have exams next month and I want you to concentrate only on that. I think We can talk about this after exams”

She persuaded him to tell but he didn’t. For next few days, he maintained an unusual shyness from her ( As per my advice lol). He shortened their message chats in name of Exams but she could sense it was something else that he was hiding. Finally she was the aggressor , one week before the exams. I know I will see them getting married in few years.

It is the power of hidden. Had he told her at the moment, how much he love her or how much he think of her; there were chances that she could have gone defensive. He could have faced  rejection and ultimate awkwardness.

On the same topic, I was reading a story that I am narrating below :

A showman came to a king saying that he has most beautiful diamond of the Earth that King could gift to her beautiful new queen. King asked him to show the diamond, the Showman came to the King with his palm tightly squeezed and asked the king to make a bid for the Diamond.

King said ” 5 thousand gold coins” . King thought this much was enough for such a small diamond.

Showman was disappointed, it was much a small value for diamond that king was buying for most beautiful queen of kingdom. He asked for more; King kept increasing the Bid, imagining that the Diamond must be worth.

Finally, King gave his final bid of One lac gold coins ; King could afford no more.

But the Showman was not pleased, this value was too small for the Diamond. He declared that he won’t sell the Diamond.At that moment , the Showman has an ultimate power on the Court. King and the whole court was on their toes at that moment; what a diamond could be in his palms? King asked him to show the Diamond but he didn’t saying that he would only show it to the buyer.

The King was not a cruel one; he didn’t stop the showman from going. But for next few days, Kings and the whole court were in amazement; imagining the diamond of such a cost.

Showman had actually no diamond at all. His palms were only holding the Air. Had he shown even the  KOHINOOR HEERA to king; still after a few seconds of amazement, the Joy would have ceased.

But he cleverly declared not to sell it. He left all the court on pity of God; all kept wondering for days. The showman had played similar games with many High profile people and all his life, he never opened his Palm no matter how big the Bid was.


Arjind Kejriwal : The perfect Whistle blower

6 months ago, the breaking news of India was Arvind Kejriwal. He had won non-expected number of votes in Delhi, Equally non-expected was his resignation too. 

A brilliant student,  B.tech. (Mech.) from IIT; he was an A GRADE govt. official in Income Tax department. Life was running smooth but he had something else in mind; a life of ease and comfort was not enough. He wanted challenge, he left his Job.

He started exposing people, even the people with Highest influence. He never had a non-penetrable security and anyone could target his life, but he didnt bother. He told the People of Delhi that their life could be made better, this policy and that dream; people took him to CM seat but in vain.

All his fame eroded in a second, everyone portrayed him as an incapable leader . When AAP was in ascend, many popular faces were joining it but now, there were all resignations and Kejriwal was left alone with his JHADU. Everyone agreed that his career is over now. But he lives for challenges; He contested parliament elections at Kashi ,against the Hero of BJP. During the campaign, many guys went to extreme and slapped him but he kept doing perfect GANDHIGIRI and even going to home of attackers to ask the reason. 

He created waves again, traveled in 3rd class Train from Delhi to Kashi. He told people that he has only 500 rupees to fight elections, he created sympathy in hearts and won 2,09,238 votes. This was such a huge number seeing his fight was with Narendra Modi.  

In an alleged corruption case, Nitin Gadkari filed a defamation case against Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal had no evidence and an arrest warrant was issued against him. He smiled and spent his next 10 days in Tihar Jail. Now everyone confronted him directly, media and opposition declared him as a person who only runs for TRP. Insulting messages about him started circulating in whatsapp groups and now, everything was over for him as he had lost his reputation. ( Reputation is the last thing you can loose)

But not, he bounced back again. Again doing Jan sabha into streets of Delhi and did sting operation of BJP’s man Sher singh Dagar of buying AAP MLA in 4 crore rupees.  Even though everyone knows, horse trading happens in politics but he went a step further. Kejriwal is back in news, back on high tide of fame. He may or may not win elections, but he is not a loser. ( A random guy makes a Political party and fights from Heart, observing all High and lows in such a small span of time) This has never happened in India before, it only happens in movies.

Important lessons we can learn from Kejriwal are Patience and Persistence. Anyone else on his place could have surrendered before time but he didn’t. Another quality of his is Boldness. He enters the action into full Boldness and catch you with a surprise. Being an IAS officer, he is aware of all the rules and laws; he was just bit naive but Now he has gained some experience of politics too, he will never commit mistakes of Past. We can trust him, he is worthy of Votes.   




Hinduism : A religion so different

Still the real origin of Hinduism is not known or you may say, it don’t exist. Before Englishmen came, we Indians were divided into 500 different and almost enemy states. We were all HINDUSTANI because we were living in east of SINDHU river. Word HINDU came from SINDHU. 

But we were not united like today, neither in Power nor in Philosophy. So from centuries, every state kept accumulating their own set of beliefs from immediate surroundings. Even today, Hindus are not same over India. South Indians Hindus Eat fish, cook totally different things and speak something like Sanskrit. We North Indians are Aryans who came from Russia and Iran. Surly, Hindus are not originated from One father like most of other religions do.

There may be too many reasons that can tear Hindus apart but only one thing is  keeping us bonded; TOLERANCE. It lies in our Genes, We have tolerated everyone who came here still today, every religion who came here , is still here. We didn’t do the violent bloodshed, never in modern  history. 

However Philosophy of every religion teaches tolerance but in practical form, it ceases. Islam, religion of peace has never been peaceful. Middle East has been most unstable area of world  since history and still it is same.  Christians, who read BIBLE loud and clear, have  always tried  to dominate themselves on the world. UK, power hungry white guys conquered almost whole world once and USA, still is playing con games with the World. The JEW community has always been a suffering  baby in Europe, Christians could  never tolerate someone other living with them.

Only we, Only we have created an example. Here anyone can  come, anyone can live. Here it is ATITHI DEVO BHAVA , even though you may present contradictory examples but still we are born with this Philosophy. Many religious clashes have happened in our country too, but most of them have been personal. Never, religious clash became a national mission like  in all other parts of World.

Never mass religion change have been observed by Us. We never forced ourselves on others. Minorities living in our country are living by their rules, we never obstructed. Islam has done so many religion changes on force of Weapons and that is still happening. Christian missionaries are converting poor Indians to Christians; Karnataka, Orissa and Chattisgarh have been betrayed the most. But we are still passive, we are comfortable in our shell. We don’t believe in those things, our Grandparents didn’t use unfair means for propagation of religion neither we do. 

There is no father of Hinduism, there is no rule book of us. Even though, GEETA is widely accepted as our Holy book; Still Geeta  only teaches you to be a Human, not Hindu. We are working on non-written principles; our knowledge comes from richest chain of self correction and parental teachings. 

What do you say?