A constant fight within yourself

I went through the Biography of Gandhi, then Nehru and Mother Teresa. I read Benjamin Franklin, Kennedy and Lincoln, Michal Jackson then. I went through life of Mohammad and Yesu and then Dalai lama. Then i read about Milkha singh and APJ Abdul Kalam.

Everyone had a different mission of life, different definition and vision about world but had only thing in common. A CONSTANT FIGHT WITHIN.

All of them were down to earth, totally humble. You would hit a stone and they will pardon you. But if you had a sneeze because of them, they would say SORRY to you all day long. You would complement them with good words because they deserve , but they would get blushed because they don’t see themselves the way world does.

Most of great persons, are unsatisfied within. They know there is more possibility, there is more to do, more to be done. They don’t see backwards, that would make them feel superior. They only see forward, that vast wall which is still to be painted. It makes them feel inferior, an underachiever.

This feeling of dissatisfaction with ourselves is the spirit of a winner. A constant flame burning, a constant itch must be there. The moment , we start feeling stable ; we start losing the next match.

Mother teresa, spent her life in the gutters of Kolkata to help the poor. But she was never satisfied with her result, there were more poor to be helped, so she kept working to the last breath. Abdul Kalam Azad, made India self reliant in the Missiles. But he felt need for more, he did more. Still, he saw India miles behind the developed world; he worked on it. Still at age of 83, he is roaming across India; meeting the kids and youths to motivate them.

Gandhi, personally helped the refugees of Independence violence in 1947. He would go door to door with relief material and would ask people to stop violence. A man of 79 years age, would work 18 hours a day because there was still so much to do.

When you want to do something, only the Sky is limit. Keep expanding, keep the childish soul alive, be open to learning. Never let you mind get rigid, let it be open to suggestions and improvements.


Modi ji, 2 lines for you !!

” Petrol ke daam kum hue ya nhi hue? Diesel ke price 5 saal bad kum hue ya nhi hue? Economic growth ki rate improve hui ya nhi hui? ” Said Narendra Modi during one of his election rally in my home state Haryana.

People clapped and hooted. Most of people are unaware of real facts and stories behind the facts. I mean, tell them ki India is biggest economy of world and they will clap. They don’t know what reality is; but Modi Saheb, you knew the reality. Why did you took the credit?

You know it clearly that Petrol prices are decreasing in International market. It is natural of prices to fall. You also knew ki Diesel subsidy was being cut 50 paise every month. And in August, the subsidy had disappeared and it was also natural for prices to get stable. Anyone had been the prime minister, the prices were destined to fall. You knew it and still, you took the credit.

And you talk about economic growth rate which was registered at 5.7 % during April – June 2014. Aapki to sarkar hi June me aayi hai. What you did that  affected growth rate only in month of June? You didn’t do anything. With continuous efforts of Raghuram Rajan and Dr. Manmohan Singh; the growth rate was already on rise. Even if, next year our growth rate will be 6.4 % ( Already projected by IMF); you wont get all the credit. The curve is already on rise.

Please, talk about things that you have done in real. We value your tongue. So much that, we watch all your speeches no matter what. Please dont be another leader who says anything.

Whatever, you are a clear and visionary leader. Our fates are connected with your actions. Take care, All the BEST !!!


Finally I Drank Ganga Jal

On a random evening of May 2012, we were sitting on Bank of river Ganga in Haridwar. It was first day of our week long trip to Badrinath. Water seemed so cold and crystal clean. I felt some thirst, thought of drinking water from River.

I knew, it is not very much pure but at that moment, my spiritual inclination towards Mother Ganga took me beyond this question. I asked my mate ” Can i drink this water?”

He gave a negative answer but who cares. I had my sip, it tasted normal.

Next day, we moved ahead to Rishikesh and I saw, Rishikesh is a full town and river must have passed through here before going to Haridwar.Then we reached Dev prayag and then Srinagar ( Uttrakhand) . Srinagar was a big town on banks of river Alaknanda, a tributary of Ganga.

My decision to drink water in Haridwar was not very right. The river had passed through big towns before reaching Haridwar. But now we were in uphills and i assumed that no more big cities will come now. But further uphill, a town named Rudra Prayag came and a big sewerage canal was getting drained into Alaknanda and after that another big town Karan prayag came.

On river bank in Karan Prayag, I had enough. I thought there might be no more cities up stream. So this water must be drinkable. I again asked my mate and got another negative response. But anyhow, I drank water from there. It was colder and cleaner than Haridwar.

Further, we reached a place named Joshi Math; another big town. I said SHIT. Then finally we reached Badrinath. That holy place was too cold in month of may. I saw so much dumping being done in Alaknanda there ( As Hindus do everywhere).

But We had to find the real source of river, we had to drink that water. Readers may find this too silly and childish but we were determined to drink purest water of river.

We asked local people. ” From where Alaknand originates ? ”

They said 10 Miles uphill. Me and my friend made an eye contact and without a single word, started our journey on foot.

It was a very bad and steep hilly way. We kept walking, now we saw Alaknanda is itself a combination of many smaller streams. But we kept walking through to mother stream.

Steep hilly way was taking our breath. They were bare mountains, not a single leaf of greenery. We saw wild wolf some distance apart; OMG, should we return? But we didn’t. Kept walking and finally saw a big sheet of Ice.

That stream was coming from that big ice cake. we got there. It is ultimate , we could see drops of water melting from Ice. One drop, then another and this stream was formed. The sky was clear and we were smiling. There was no one around, No one. Only mountains, air and a signboard that said ” China Border – 30 Kilometers , Don’t go ahead ”

We started drinking the water now, like an animal. Totally bent into the water, without using hands. It was too cold but it was Ganga Jal, not a single drop of anything else in it. Now whenever someone says ki he has Ganga Jal in House which he brought from Haridwar, A smile comes on my face and I remember my tale of Ganga Jal.

( I have deepest respect for rivers and want to swim in all major Indian rivers in my lifetime. Ganga done, Yamuna, Narmada, Sone, Chambal, Mahanadi done) Many others are left, hoping…..