Suggest a Title !!

I feel jealous of my friends who blog every day. They blog for continuous 30 and even 60 days, without a miss. Comparing to them, I am a complete failure. I used to post twice a week but now I do it hardly once. But when I sit to write, ideas run out.

What should I write about? It should be something special, I mean, something meaningful. I should not write about my blog on which the number of visitors in November have dramatically decreased than October. Reasons are many, neither I am writing regularly nor I am paying enough readings to writings of my fellow bloggers.

I should not write about Michael Jackson, whom I want back into this world. A song of Jackson is echoing in my head from quite a few minutes. Its title is BUTTERFLIES; It’s a wonderful song (Download if you can) . Actually, I have been a Jackson fan nearly for 4 years now. I remember lyrics of his almost all songs and I practice his moves in Bathroom lol. But seeing the number of people who hate him, better not talk of him.

Also, there is no point of writing about my silly friend LEENA who is always trapped in miseries. She is beautiful but very insecure of her looks, her presentation and walk and everything. She constantly eats my head about what should she wear? What should she buy? Which type of girls do guys like? She wants to be best but ends up sad every time. However, the sweet girl has birthday today. HAPPY BDAY LEENA .

Absolutely, writing about my Jeans collection won’t be of any relevance to my readers. My jeans collection is only increasing in bulk. Most of them are very same in colour with little variations. I remember, Aunties of my street used to make fun of me for my LOOSE Jeans. And today, Wife of my Boss did the same which reminded me of those aunties. I have tried to replace my wardrobe with good fitting jeans many times but they don’t feel good to me. I prefer to feel good over looking good.

November is coming to an end and soon it will be new year. Years are passing too quickly and I am so worried about my increasing age. I am going to be 22 very soon. I remember my 6th Bday few days ago and a whole childhood has passed since then. Time flies!!! Every child I meet want to grow up fast, every adult want the reverse. Humans want what they don’t have!! Bachelors dream of marrying and married people want to be single once again.

Ok !! My friend is calling me for the Movie.. See you !!!


Gandhi : Random thoughts

On 30th January, 1948; at 5.17Pm , 3 bullets were fired at 78 years old fragile body, THE FATHER OF NATION collapsed with uttering the words “ HEY RAM” . It was not the first, but 5th attempt to Kill Gandhi; it was 3rd attempt of Nathuram Vinayak Godse himself. Nathuram who grew as a poor lonely child and then joined RSS in his teens, was so much passionate about killing Gandhi that he dreamt nothing else in life.
It is strange that many Indians see Gandhi with a negative attitude. They blame him for Partition, accuse him of giving superior treatment to Muslims over Hindus during partition. Many others blame him for hanging Bhagat Singh and many others point at Gandhi’s character. People don’t want to waste their time in searching the real facts but they believe what is being circulating. Through decades, many false facts and many half truths have circulated and most of them are believed to be true now.
All the country was in extreme shock, the crowd which joined the funeral ceremony of Gandhi is believed to be of roughly 1 million but the RSS office in Pune was enjoying crackers and sweets. For them, it was the first step of creating a Hindu Nation. They had planned for this day from 1934 (When the first attack took place).
It disappoints me very much that many people don’t recognize what the heroes of the country did for them. On Nehru’s birthday few days ago, I saw most of the TV channels and social forums flooded with negativities and controversies over life of Nehru rather than praising his bold steps of Non-alignment and Industrialisation of the country. Why don’t we search for all the facts, read facts and then Talk? I am sure, we shall start respecting our Heroes then.
It must be understood that administration is not a mechanical process. Just like in Machines, you press the pedal and cycle must move forward, hit the stone to someone’s head and it must pain. But in administration, many unwanted things creep in the situation and a good task might not end up being good for everyone.
Partition of India, is believed to be the world’s biggest migration phenomenon in which more than 1 Crore people crossed the border for their new homes. Religious fundamental groups like RSS wanted all the Muslims to shift to Pakistan and were openly working for that. They were actively killing, raping and forcing muslims to go. Similarly, same kind of groups were working in Pakistan and making sure that all Hindus be transferred to India.
In this never before seen situation, with limited resources; Gandhi ji jumped into rescue. Going door to door in refugee camps and attending the basic needs of people. He urged people to stop violence and people obeyed him to extent. Gandhi was now preparing to go Pakistan, to convince the people of other side to stop violence but RSS could not bear it. Nathu Ram Godse, tried to attack Gandhi on 20th January but failed; his next attempt yielded.
Its only 66 years old Incidence, still very fresh in Indian minds. I fear if after 600 years, we forget the works of Gandhi; we might also forget the independence as It will be taken for granted then But Gandhi is not someone to forget; his life and his works must be studied more and more.


Without Clothes, in Winters

First of all, thanks to my blogging friend Ranju who nominated my blog for A Lovely Blog Award.  Ranju who herself maintains a neat, clean and lovely blog deserves unlimited readers. Her all writings have always attracted me at least twice if not more.

Winters have already started and at least 15 crore of Indians are sleeping on roadsides. While adjusting my blanket, I think of them sometimes. We are more lucky, we never slept without roof ( Even though I slept on boats and beaches during exciting tours, that was just a personal choice).

For us, being short of money means No new clothes or not being able to buy new mobile phone this month. But there are people for whom being short of money means sleeping hungry or sleeping naked in cold.  And those people are not living without aspirations. Most of them are willing to work if given a chance, they want to be a part of society and economy if allowed. But they don’t have necessary skills or education which is ultimately a failure of system itself.

And here, writing a blog and showing sympathies for them is something very easy to do. it don’t cost anything and our heart feels like we care. It gives us satisfaction that we care for them; it gives a feeling like we are kind and generous. Like we are soft and even Humans. But did it change anything on Ground?

Other day, while being in Temple; Everyone was just singing some non- understandable prayers in front of some marble statue ( As far as I can see) hoping that their lives will become better. Two of my friends noticed a young girl roaming in temple without Chappals and Sweater. She was the daughter of a poor man working in the temple. No one paid attention to her; everyone believes firmly that we have to see in the sky to please the GOD but probably we have to look at the earth. Whatever, They immediately attended her and gave her their beautiful Black shawl. However, I am not bold enough to clap in public even though i wanted.

Many times, we go forward to help someone but also a feeling of insecurity walks with us. We feel like We are showing OFF or we feel like adding just a bucket of water to the Sea. What good will it be if we feed a poor out of the millions still hungry? But we also have to accept that if a single rich can help a single poor, POVERTY ELIMINATION won’t be an impossible task.

Probably, we should stop worrying of how much will our effort contribute. One human can’t change the whole situation, but he can inspire at least 4 by his action and a chain reaction might begin. And a beautiful line of APJ Abdul Kalam

“ You can only life so much weight

You can only learn so fast ;

You can only work so hard

You can only go so far “

Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh has written in his Autobiography “Poverty is the biggest disease in itself. Unless poverty is completely ruled out of India, we have nothing to be proud upon”.


Haider : Kashmir speaks

Got the chance to watch Haider today. Kashmir is beautiful, why not the life of Kashmiris ? Indian Army which is a hero to us is seen as a villain in Kashmir. They want total withdraw of army . Had we been in their shoes, we could demand only the same things.

In my village of Haryana, I never experienced a curfew and never someone stopped me in the street to check the identity proof. Never, I heard the shot of a pistol ( Only in marriages, Even i Fired one bullet in marriage of friend last year). Haider shows the illegal detaining of civilians that Army is doing and then killing the person without any trial.

The problems of people in Kashmir are very real and serious. Militants lure young people to join the religious war against Indian army and Indian army uses force to curb the unrest. Might be I have gone through extensive research on India Pakistan relations and situation of Kashmir, Still I feel myself too small to comment anything on that. There are many factors working together there, finding a permanent solution is still miles away.

Only thing I can say at the moment is winning the trust of Kashmiri people and letting them feel ki they are part of India is most important thing. 

Vishal Bhardhwaj made a bold movie this time. Mother – Son relation was seeming a bit exotic rather than being pure. I even closed my eyes in a scene when Tabbu kissed Shahid on lips. However, I loved the background beauty of the movie. First of all, everything was wooden. Doors to walls, stairs and floor. It was finely finished wood, probably Teek and Sal which exist mainly in Kashmir valley. This wood is considered best, it has long life and is insect resistant. Then the beautiful carpets which were decorating every floor.  They are hand woven traditional Kashmiri Carpets which need to be promoted more over India.

Then you could see the clothes. I mean the fabric of their cloth is typically Kashmiri. It is warm and looks so beautiful in dullest of colors. Also the PASHMINA shawls that are famous of Kashmir, look very beautiful. Govt. of India has given 100 crore for development of Pashmine Shawl business in Kashmir but I find the amount very inadequate. Also, the some local songs that were sung in movie immaturely were very nice. I already started searching them on Internet.

More people should visit Kashmir ( Including me) rather than going costly tours to Europe. Europe is not a quarter of beautiful to Kashmir.

Also Shahid recited some beautiful Shayari during movie. I don’t remember all but some traces are still left in my Mind. Probably it goes like this :-

1 . Kyun ki mar ke hi pata chalta hai,

     zinda the toh jiye nahi aur mar kar bhi bache nahi.

2.  Dil ki agar sunu toh tu hai,  Dimag ki sunu toh tu hai nahi.

     Jaan lun ki Jaan dun? Main rahoon ki main nahi.. ( This was nice)

Thanks for Reading.


To Amina, With LOVE

I had many misconceptions about situation of Women in Pakistan. I used to think ki every Pakistani girl never steps out of her BURKAH and never go to school. I used to think that they are still living in some old 17th Century.Then came a girl in my life.

Her name was Amina. We were friends for about an year  and now when i think of her, my eyes get wet if tears dont roll out. 

We met for the first time over a social networking forum while  discussing the relations of India and Pakistan. After few chatting days, We exchanged numbers. As our Friendship grew, I got to know ki situation of women is not so miserable too. She was in college and was studying Engineering. She wanted to crack Pakistan Civil Services and had a deep knowledge of Foreign relations, Agriculture and Industry.

Generally, it pains me that interests of an average girl is not more than Chugli and Bak Bak but she was someone I would admire. She lived in a Hostel in Lahore and used to do late night parties just like we do here. She even didn’t wear Hijaab (Except some family gatherings) , leave aside the Burkah. She was as free and frank as an educated girl of Delhi. It gave me immense pleasure to know that Women on that side of Border too are getting educated. 

She told me that Pakistan is filled of Educated Fathers that are liberal enough to let their daughters learn. Only problem is widespread extremism that restricts women in  every phase of life. I strongly believe that women are far superior to men if given equal opportunity .They are generally underestimated of their potential.


We used to have long chats on cultural similarity of India and Pakistan. She used to teach me how to make Kadhi Chawal and  Matar Paneer. Actually, on that side of border, they cook the same dishes. Roti, Palak, Allu, Bhindi , Karela. They also dry the Karela in sunshine so that it starts tasting normal. Receipes are very same across the border. She used to skip her namaz, only reading it on Eid or any other festival.

I used to think ki Only Hindu youths hi Nastik hote hain but it gave me big relief that Muslim youths are also ignorant to daily prayers. Our friendship grew quickly as we shared same set of Belief always on every topic.

She admired Kareena and loved her outfits in Movie Bodyguard. I got to know everything about her. From her favorite Jeans brand ( Pepe Jeans) to favorite Pizaa of Dominios ( Capsicum). Talking to her never made me feel that i was talking to a foreigner. North Indian and Pakistani culture are so much similar that we can never figure out the difference in average lifestyle of a person across the border.

She died in a road accident on the Festival of Diwali.

I was shocked to know this. She had voice chat with me, just before she was getting ready to go outside. She said ” Mein aaj bhot shopping krungi, Eid ke liye”. I don’t know accident shopping krne ke baad hua ya phle.

Her room mate called me to give the bad news. We had planned our weekly video chat on that night. I knew that she is dead, still I opened my Skype and cried as I called her.The answer never came.

I still have her whatsapp contact in my phone and I miss her whenever someone messages me on an odd hour. She was not my girl friend, not a best friend even. We knew that it is never possible for us to meet but we were bonded strangers.

May her ALLAH give her JANNAT that she always wanted for her Dadi Maa. See the misery, Dadi Maa is still Alive.