2015 : Lets make some New year Resolution !!!

After a Goodbye kiss to 2014, I welcome 2015.

Dear 2015,

Be kind to me and even kinder to my family and friends. I live for my friends and would love to see everyone else Happy. My silly friends have tons of ambitions and I want you to bomb them with positive and energetic rays of life.

I want to talk so much with 2015, but I think at this moment, talking to 2014 is more important. A departing relative needs more attention than an arriving One.

Dear 2014,

Everyone has an End , so your journey ceases now. Everything has an End, My grandfather passed with 2007 and probably 2087 will be without Me.  We are temporary guys, holding the hands of a permanent time.

But 2014, I realized something this year. Let me try to explain :-

There is something bigger than the universe; infinite than the galaxies, complex than the puzzles. Guess what?

That is our Soul. All our lives, we never know the complete of ourselves. We know everything else of universe, but not the Man in the Mirror. We take ourselves so granted. This precious body which is made of 5 elements becomes our Garbage Box. We pour into it, all the mess and muff. All the junk and Colas damage its purity. We eat when we want, we skip when we want. We sleep whenever we want, we don’t when a Chat is more important. We think of exercising, we never go and Sweat. Hey, when did you sweat last time?

Similar injustice is happening with our soul. The deep clouds of Hate and Ego, selfishness and show offs have overtaken the Simplicity. I dont want to make it hard to understand  but  We won’t discover ourselves until we push for it. There is a whole team of Artists sitting inside us; there is a sportsman too. There is a dreamer inside and there is a realistic too. In our small body, there is a kind fellow who melts at the sight of a shivering puppy and also there is a cruel person who orders BUTTER CHICKEN in the meal. We have so many faces. One side of us is dying to travel the world but the other side wants to work and demands a settled career.

I think at this sensitive age of early 20s, We should start talking to our soul. We should ask what She wants? What she dreams? We should be sincere to ourselves if not to the world.

So I make these 5 New year resolutions :-

1. Spend more time with ME. When I am with Myself, I am more productive and creative. I am more constructive  and positive.

2. Speak some Less and Skip television. Speaking only drains our valuable energy and television tolls our mind with unnecessary stuff. Both are as harmful as a cunning friend.

3. Eat only Healthy things. This body is my first responsibility, must be taken care of . Eat more green and drink loads of water. Sleep full and exercise.

4. Rub myself totally with books. Until the books and Me , become the One. Current 4 hours are very less, I must be drowned totally in the vast sea of knowledge and Information.

5. And these are secondary resolutions. These are many :-

1. Continue my writing until get some recognition.

2. Prepare for IAS sincerely this year; Hope I clear it soon.

3. No matter what, maintain 3 travels per year. Allahabad, Varanasi and               Gwalior booked for 2015.

4. Get a Girl friend. (Not similar to previous ones who only had physical                reasons)

It concludes my resolutions. I promise to stand firm on them until I achieve.

What are your resolutions ? Let me know. And some of my WORDPRESS friends wanted to connect with me on Whatsapp. You can on this number – 08234933042



Acid Attacks : Who says CAPITAL PUNISHMENT is not justified?

Every year on an Average, 27 acid attacks are being reported in India. 27? Number don’t seem very large. But when 27 victims stand together and you compare their earlier identities to present, you stand still in shock for few seconds.

Even though, any part of body can be attacked & Victim can be a Man or Woman. Still, majority of attacks have been committed on Females ( 82%) and almost all targets have been their faces. Attackers were mostly young crazy boys who were either insulted or refused of their sexual advances by victim.

Then again, Majority (85%)  of female victims were young  10-25 years old and most of them were either unmarried or very newly married. And now, we should think of those young girl’s lives.

Their careers are lost and lost are their lives. Their dreams of marriage are broken totally and they have very few friends. When they step out of house, people look at them like an alien has landed and start taking photographs. Suffocated with all this, they generally go into state of depression. The physical harm of an Acid attack is generally non – reversible in nature. But mentally, some counselling might be provided to the victim to ensure a positive outlook towards life. But again, very few of them ever come out of their depressions and a suicidal tendency is very common among the victims.

images (1)         images


Acid throwers !!! Did you really love the Victim? Are you sure? I am not very sure of your love. Had you loved, you had backed down respecting the sentiments of that Girl. I also have a crush on someone ( And I am Damn serious) but I would first throw that acid on my face before even thinking of harming the innocent girl.

Now, I am seeing that few victims have come forward demanding a stricter law for acid throwers. There must be stricter punishments; that 3 or 5 year prison is nothing. Life sentence must be there if not the Capital Punishment. And Why not the Capital Punishment? ( Our courts needs Rarest of Rare case for that, huh).

And I am ashamed to talk about this topic. I can’t help; not a penny. I want to help but I won’t marry a girl without Face ( BLUNT TRUTH). What else can I do?

I would request the WORLD to hire acid attack victims to your office or include them in your friends Circle. We should not show much sympathy to them, that only hurts their Ego. We should treat them like a normal fellow, should yell at them and give them physical tasks. Should allow them to do self service in restaurant and no one else should stand in Rail ticket queue for them. The feeling of Self – confidence only will come after all these steps.

For now, Only PRAYERS !!! For girls, who were Beautiful Once.


Dying Traveler

The owner of NOKIA should someday invite me over a Coffee and handover a Cheque of few million dollars to me. I deserve that. I have been more loyal to NOKIA than anyone else on Earth. Even though I have bought only 5 cheap phones till date, still I continue to praise and publicize NOKIA in best way possible.

However, I am only considered old fashioned as NOKIA is completely out of market and I wonder very often the reason behind sudden disappearance of biggest mobile company from Market. As far as my loyalty to brands Go, LEVI’s, Jockey and Patanjli should also contact me very soon. However, Lets come to something more interesting.

After the Job life has begun, the Traveler inside me has almost died. I am not travelling at all and it hurts too much; I had too many dreams of travelling the WORLD. Now all i can do is watching old photographs and SIGH !!!

Most of trips that we had in college time were unofficial. We used to make a quick plan, then board some 3rd class coach of some train ( With ticket or without). We never asked permission of parents as they would only stop us from going. I remember, while planning a trip, we never used to think of money factor. We only decided the destination and rest followed.

Travelling is a passion in itself. If you reserve 1st class tickets of everything and seek total comfort while on trip, that is always unfair to the soul of a traveler. My friend Sachin Sindu and Kuldeep were constant companions of those illegal trips.

In Badrinath, we went short of money for buying a hotel room ; so we begged to a saint that he let us spend the night in his ashram. He demanded 200 rupess that we agreed. But in early morning, as the saint was sleeping, we ran away from Ashram. Now those old memories give butterflies in stomach. At another Incidence, we found ourselves fighting with local guys of Manali , as they had said our Fat friend, Fat. Lol We even had some blood in that stupid fight.

In Another frame, We were sleeping on Delhi railway station floor and in another frame, we were sleeping in Rickshaws of Jaipur . In Mount Abu, we had a luxury room but in Rohtang Pass, we slept in a tent of Army men. (Their RUM was really hot.)

I remember, when short of money, we spent one night in tent of white guys of switzerland. They happily allowed as we were just the harmless college students.

In those travels, We have done just everything. Eating the local food of Kullu and stealing apples from highly protected apple garden of Kullu. We have slept in a village of Rajasthan, on CHARPAI in the sands of Rajasthan. What else?

We have swam across the river Ganga without any protective chain and we have walked on melting glaciers without anyone to trace us if something wrong happens.

Now, as we earn, those old days might seem cheap but the memories they gave us are precious diamonds. When you genuinely want to travel, you dont give a damn to anything else. You just hold hands of true friends and rest follows. You take lifts from trucks, sleep on platform of remote villages and walk through shortcuts of Jungle but you have a more fun time than money spenders would have.

But of course, things have changed now. We can’t be Awara college students all the time; we have to be civilized persons who don’t do GALI GALOCH at every 10th word. No reason, no excuses ; We just have to be.

Sharing few pics of that time :-



205247_362410817158028_1899985641_n376531_222085907857187_1664434568_n (2) 421418_282101268522317_1843960284_n 522821_343067825758994_1250700223_n 563210_319017234830720_8020370_n (2) 288613_192899557442489_2998818_o 413779_297450673654043_1118096018_o 464383_324137760985334_1698993138_o 1653625_649692801760877_329130790_n 314460_229914897063213_482230743_n 316800_232167183504651_1620327108_n

– Raman


I won’t STARE !!!

Today is Birthday of one of my dear friend SHILPA.. She is no more in touch with me but she must be blowing 23 candles today. Be Happy, where ever You are.

I remember once she said to me ” You guys should stop staring at girls. Half of our problems will be solved at their own” . From that day, I stand firm on her wish.

But why me alone? Why not all of us guys?

What Boys feel about this :-

Let me clarify that curbing this instinct is never easy. It is something all the males are born with. We do road accidents, we strike a pole or fall in Gutter but we can’t just stop staring a passing women, AN ATTRACTIVE WOMEN PRECISELY. 

Some women say MEN WILL BE MEN , Some others say ALL MEN ARE DOGS but we are comfortable with all these tags; these tags are true and are funny to us. If one of our friend don’t stare a girl; we look at him awkwardly. We start questioning his Orientation. Sometimes, we make CHEAP comments and become proud of our HEROISM. And there is hidden humanity in this.A girl gets ready with all her efforts; giving her some attention is only going to make her day. 

Whatever arguments we give, we boys know that it is not a feel good thing. Our sisters are a part of that crowd and we won’t tolerate a single tease on her. We want to give up on eve teasing but probably we have never thought about it seriously. 

What Girls feel about this (FICTIONAL) :-

we are just sick of this. In one Kilometer of walk over a busy road; We get at least 100 stares ; Out of these 100, 20 are very deadly which almost looks like they are going to eat me alive. At least 2-3 people pass a creepy comment which spoils my day. (All the stats double up when We wear skin tights). And When a stalker follows me, I either think of crying or Pull out a sword at him.

We put our full effort in looking good but we do it for many reasons. We do it for our vanity, for our self satisfaction or just a trend. Who don’t want to look good? But we swear that getting unwanted attention is never on our list.

If you really like us, COME and talk with clear decent words; we would adore your honesty. Even if you feel nervous, Don’t worry; We also have nervous element. Boys have a solution for every problem and We love your JUGAADS. Please make some JUGAAD about this; let us feel safe in our own country.


Well guys, this is a hard Job but can be done( As there is nothing Impossible for us). Let me share my own experience about this. The day Shilpa told me her worry about staring of guys, I Promised to myself that I WON’T STARE..

From that day; I have been sincere to myself. A girl comes from opposite direction and I make my head straight and Chin firm; I scold my friends for over staring and even go into abusive arguments with them. In every way, I just want to make the World safer for Women. And I am not doing any EHSAAN on them, Just providing FREEDOM that CONSTITUTION OF INDIA grants.  And Girls, you have something to cheer as at least there is one less stalker in World !!!!

One person can only do the limited benefit to society. However, something done is better than Nothing done.  Whenever, I feel lonely in my mission, I remember the great lines of APJ Kalam :-

” You can only lift so much weight,

You can only work so hard..

You can only learn so fast,

You can only go so FAR !! ”

Probably, I can only do this much.



I am not sure if you are reading this; But i know that you used to read. However, this is only for you; you are one and the only; either this is for you or for no one else. You are the sole motivation behind this rough piece of scrap : –

” Your love is Magical, that’s How I feel

But I have not the words, Here To explain;

Gone is the grace of expressions of passion

But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain

To tell you how I feel ; But I am Speechless, Speechless !!

That’s How you make me feel

Though I am with you, I am far away

And nothing is for real

When I am with you, I am lost for words

I dont know what to say ; my head spinning like a round Wheel

So Silently I pray ;  Helpless & Hopeless

That’s how I feel Inside

I go anywhere can do anything,  just to touch your face

there is no mountain high i can not climb

I am humbled in your grace

But I am speechless ; Thats how you make me feel !!!


About Dowry Practice

First of all, I am HAPPY that my recent Hindi story on DOWRY has been published in Dainik Bhaskar DELHI and I have been prized for that. I have been opposing Dowry since school days and with time, I am only going firm on my feet.

DOWRY ! DOWRY! DOWRY! What can be said about it? She feels humiliated when her father is negotiating the amount of Dowry with the other Party. Then she further gets insulted when at last moment, other party makes a drama of their further Big demands. Many grooms call off the marriage as the Dowry Amount was not adequate.

A girl of Delhi was divorced as her father could not afford 2 Lac rupee. Another girl of Amritsar hung herself on the fan because her husband wanted a Motorcycle. Similarly, 6000 ladies were dead last year and Dowry had something to do with it. At least 73000, cases of Domestic violence related to Dowry were registered last year. And Everyone knows, the real figure lies at least 10 times above as most of cases go unregistered in fear of Social stigma.

I don’t know how Girls see this. But as a Boy, I see my wife as something very precious. She is something above the money and materials. How can she be negotiated for a Car? Or some scraps of Jewellery? And if my future wife is somehow reading this, Be assured of at least this Side!! Just chill. (Right from Childhood, a girl dreams of marriage. She wants a perfect and caring husband, nice In-laws and a feeling of DAUGHTER OF HOUSE. The Daughter, who is allowed to speak without pauses, allowed to sleep without any responsibility and has all special privileges. Don’t let Dowry spoil all her dreams).

For girls, I want to say that you should not marry when Dowry becomes an issue before the marriage. Even if the issue will be solved, there is a chance that it will raise again after marriage. You should clearly communicate with your future husband about this. You should ask him clearly how he sees the dowry practice.

And for boys, you are the real culprits. You won’t be muscular after having 16 inch biceps or drinking 6 beers in a row. Being muscular means you can shield your girl, physically and emotionally. If your parents are making decisions of your marriage, let them. At least, get involved in Dowry talks. Communicate clearly that you don’t want it. You must not want it , in any case..

In 1961, DOWRY Protection act was brought in by Pt. Nehru and it was further criminalized by Rajiv Gandhi in 1986. He criminalized all forms of dowry, giving and taking. He thought that people are getting educated (including Girls). SO this law will restrict the dowry practice. 28 Years since then and Dowry cases are only increasing in Number as well as severity.

Dowry is the major reason behind Female infanticide, Sex trade and India’s shattering sex ratio which stands at 940 today. Domestic violence and Dowry death is only a small part of Dowry; the real harm is much bigger. And I can write thousand of pages expressing my concern about Dowry; I can write tirelessly about social and economical harm that Dowry has done to India. But I understand that your time has a value and this much is enough to remind you of a problem originating from US.

(If this article inspire only one boy to deny Dowry, I ll be the person happiest !!)


INDIA is INDIRA : Someone said in 1975

I was going through a post on Internet that was listing the 20 must watch Bollywood movies before  you die.. Happy that I have watched 17 of them; and only 3 movies left so that I can DIE PEACEFULLY. This thought made me ROFL for some time.

However, from few days i wanted to write a post about Indira Priyadarshini. What a beautiful name and so was the girl. Talk about her on any coffee table on you will hear negativity. Some will criticize emergency and some other will cry over Sikh operation. Others will cry over Bangladesh liberation and yet other bunch of people will talk about her bad character. I am no one to declare the claims of people as fake but still, I want you to see the situation from my viewpoint. As most of my friends have been humble enough to tolerate my non-sense, Lets start once again:

In her teens, she was just a weak, lonely teenager who was vulnerable to diseases and love affairs. Her mother used to be Ill and  died when Indira was hardly 20; her Father as you know was a front line leader of Indian Independence and had little time for family. She was the only child and had no sibling to play with. She was lonely. Why not Feroz (A parsi) who used to serve her mother in her illness appeal to her ? And why this love affair is always seen as a black mark on her character? Every 3rd girl has a love affair and most of them won’t result in marriage. Indira even married the guy she loved. She fought everyone for her guy. Wasn’t she brave? Why people see it as an act of shame rather than brave love?

And coming to her administrative style and capabilities, we should not judge someone by what they could not do. In 1966, when Indira headed the nation as prime minister; The country’s backbone was totally smashed by 1962 Indo- china war and then 1965 Indo- Pak war. We were in poor financial condition and the whole country was unstable. The severe famine of 1964 had killed millions of people in country from hunger. We were not self sufficient in production of food grains and were largely dependent on donated food grains of western world. The country’s manpower was 75% illiterate and people were producing 8 kids each.

Indira had very little resources to run the country. And you compare her with Modi? Today, we have 380 Billion US Dollars in FOREX reserve  and 80% of our people are educated and we have at least food stock of 10 years to feed the whole country. Still, we have challenges of this generation but please, stop comparing 1960s to 2014s.

Leave aside these problems, she faced another war of 1971 in which she displayed a complete heroic leadership. She liberated Bangladesh and ended a potential danger for India from one side forever. Emergency of 1975  is  seen as her worst decision but I can still debate in her favour ( You can also read the book of KHUSWANT SINGH about Supporting Emergency) . And then the Operation Meghdoot on Siachin Glacier ( We won in that) and Operation Bluestar of 1984 in which the demand of some Sikh leaders for a new state KHALISTAN was curbed with violence.

She was most violent Prime Minister of India as the stats tell but she was never the aggressor.  In 1966, she invited scientists from the whole world to bring GREEN REVOLUTION in India. That Green revolution came in 1970s and the whole credit must belong to her. She nationalised all the 14 Private banks in 1969 ( A decision that even the opposition clapped). She nationalised Coal India and many other strategically important firms. Her famous GARIBI HATAO ANDOLAN in 1971 was very fruitful ( not only on Papers, it actually was). My grandfather used to recall Indira Gandhi as his favourite leader and first seeds of her respect were sown in my mind then.


Her famous slogan of HUM DO, HAMARE DO in 1974-75 was to stop population explosion. She enforced NASBANDI on people because there was no other way to implement this useful thing on illiterate people. However, it can’t be denied that this mission could not meet expected target..

Some days before her death, probably she could sense it coming. She frequented to talk about her Death in her speeches of last days; she probably had tired of the bloodsheds and instabilities that happened during her 15 years rule. Secret agencies warned Indira that her Sikh bodyguards could kill her and  advised her to drop the Sikh bodyguards. But she was concerned that, this would give a wrong message to the secular country. She said in a firm tone that SHE IS READY TO BE KILLED RATHER THAN DIVING COUNTY ON COMMUNAL LINES.

Hence, the Sikh bodyguards killed her and a chapter of Indian politics was closed. But this chapter was more grand and important than others. I study this chapter again and again and will continue to do so. Still on the popularity meter, She is always ranked as most popular indian PM ever. She took many wrong decision that I wont be able to justify/ defend but SHE WAS JUST A HUMAN ..  How you guys see Indira?