Old Age People : Do you talk with them?

First of all , let me say that giving a title to your post is most cumbersome Job. A right title might increase the readers manifold ( My personal experience) but that right title is very hard to find. Whatever..

When in a community Park for my evening exercise, I noticed an old women also having rounds of Park. But she was too old to do the rounds ; and in her walk, there was not the enthusiasm of a jogger but the laziness of a time passer. So i guessed that she was just another LONELY OLDIE !!!

To talk with her, I crossed her path and did the NAMASTE.

I got a beautiful response in return and within minutes, both of us were sitting on a Bench in park. Of course, she didn’t want to Jog. She had been a professor in Banaras Hindu University in 80s and Literature was her specialization. A little comment here and there revealed all her inside tension; she was Lonely she confessed. Her Sons had little a time for her and Grand kids were too busy in celebrating their Youth she said. So her day passes like a mountain Journey and she is only waiting for the Death God.

This is just the one Incidence; World is filled with such Oldies. With ill hearing and seeing capabilities, they are fighting with the days. Laughing at the old Incidents of life, having proud at old achievements, getting happiness from the Settled life of Sons and Daughters. The purpose of their lives have left behind, the worth of their experienced minds is nothing.

whenever, I spot an Old lonely soul, I do TALK. Always their achievements in Young days amaze me and also it prepares me for the fate after 50 years.

Old people are vulnerable, Physically and emotionally. Many robbers befriend an oldie and then rob their house when invited for a Tea. Its very simple, Its very common. But what is the fault of Oldie? He is human, a social animal, an animal that needs someone other to communicate. But whom would he communicate?

He don’t have a work, no boss no subordinate. He don’t have a romantic life, and no such aspirations as well. His sons are much too busy and daughters are sitting miles away with their husbands. He has nourished everyone but all have flied away; He is still there, unwanted and unheard. His vulnerability is natural. 

Giving them attention is our moral responsibility, they are dying to talk. No one asks them How was their day? Who remembers their anniversaries and Birthdays? They have nothing in World, no one to care for them. Increasing number of Old Age homes is a direct indication of this.

But Believe me, they are a Sea of knowledge and experience and many of them even have a great Sense of Humor.


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Indian Steel Industry

250 kg of Steel per person per year is considered a Developed country. And with calculations, the optimum steel generation of India should be somewhere near 400 Million Ton per year.

Currently we are producing barely 90 MT.  So a big part of our consumption comes from other countries ; US, China and Korea being the major sellers.

Today our situation is very poor. Neither do we have High quality Iron nor Good quality of Coal which ultimately leads to poor productivity of Steel plants. We spend more money in refining the raw Iron and Coal; ultimately, Indian steel is far costlier than Chinese.

In 1910s, We had High quality Iron reserves in Goa. India was ruled by Britishers then and they had no interest in Developing Indian steel industry. So they started selling that good quality Iron to JAPAN. Japanese leadership was wise; they knew that after few years Indians will wake up and will stop selling this Iron. So they made a contract of 100 years; that contract promises ” INDIA WILL CONTINUE SELLING IRON OR TO JAPAN FROM GOA RESERVES FOR 100 YEARS UNINTERRUPTED ”

After that, Our coal is of moderate quality. It gives low heat and high ash after burning. This high ash generates a lot of waste which creates the problem of disposing it. So we have to import high quality Coal from either Australia or Africa that also involves huge transportation charges.

We are not as much lucky as China is. China has three times the Land as that of India. Chinese soil is full of high quality minerals; particularly Iron and Coal. So China makes cheaper steel as they neither have to spend more money on refining the ore nor they spend on huge transportation.

In 1990s , India and China were comparable in size of their economy. But Industrial boom of China in last 30 years have made us far inferior. We have to produce 3 fold more steel but where are the resources?

Already, we have so less jungles in our country, how can we cut more trees to set up plants?

POSCO is setting up a new plant in ODISHA and also TATA STEEL is setting a new plant in ODISHA. I am very hopeful about both of them. Our Jindal steel also has installed a big blast furnace in ANGUL.

I have much more to write about this but my friend is pulling my arm for Badminton. So posting this article into half baked state; BYE..


You are following us !!!

“You are following Us..” said She to him.

However, one second later; she flied this remark into a joke but probably this was not. Who knows?

His face became white at that very instant. This was probably the worst remark that someone had given him in recent history. He held his heart, assuming that this was a joke. But some seriousness was there, it was not a joke. Nah ! It had an extent of truth, a bitter expression.

friends crack 100s of jokes everyday, insult each other but nothing is remembered in end of the day. We remark each other in many ways, give each other a stupid nick name but no one feels bad about that. But that soft tongue which can’t tolerate the heat of tea, which can’t bear the blow of teeth; Yes, that soft tongue hits swords, that can break anyone, disintegrate every particle of universe.

Some remarks are bigger than us. Not everything can be flied in vacuum, Some misunderstandings should be vanished before it becomes too late. You don’t look at every girl with a bad eye, you don’t have a crush on everything you like.

He kept wondering. ” I feel equally awkward when we strike somewhere (more often than natural.) But it is just a natural disaster, something beyond control, something didn’t done intentionally. What good it could do? That valuable time which can be used in completing the half-written stories or digging the novels of Shakespeare can’t be wasted by stalking someone in cold evenings. ”

” And why I would stalk someone I admire? She is such a warm person, whose smile lit up every problem. I am not an admirer of beauty, Hot babes pass by and I don’t give a look. But she is surly a girl with great heart. Who don’t like her?  She is the central person of every gathering. She can talk with an interesting dude or a boring writer with same magnitude of interest. ”

He kept thinking this and got blushed by another thought. ” What if she didn’t mean it? Then this whole story must only be considered a piece of fiction, without any head or foot. With no beginning and climax, with no hero or villain. Just a free half an hour of a so called writer.”


Our Own PATIL SIR!!! Respect

Saw the movie LINGAA last evening. The role of Rajnikanth in that movie was a leader with mass appeal. People obeyed his every line and respected him from the hearts.  As I also do a job of handling people, these type of people are genuinely inspirational to me. A leader should be that the subordinates blindly follow and admire him, respect and obey him. Whenever I think of such a person, the image of PATIL SIR come into my mind.

Even though, he  is old and holds a senior post into the accounts department, he has the minimal ego. He mixes with all age groups and talks softly with everyone. His smile never disappears from face and hardly he speaks bad about anything. He either speaks good or remains silent; It is possible that other see him from a different viewpoint but that’s what I See.

Neither all the GYANI PURUSH have a hanging beard nor all of them are living in forests. He is a Modern day RISHI; RISHI is what? From my Definiton: A RISHI IS SOMEONE WHO HAS ACHIEVED ENOUGH CONTROL OVER ANGER, GREED AND LUST. WHOSE HUNGER AND THIRST ARE ALWAYS SATISFIED WITH GOOD FOODS AND WHO ALWAYS MAKES PEOPLE FEEL GOOD INTO THIS BAD WORLD. This definition just fits into him.

You could talk with him about origins of Religions or the history of Hinduism. Geeta is on his finegertips but he don’t disregard any other religious book too. Even though you’ll ask him to stay in a mud hut for few days, he will happily do. He don’t belong to big hotels and cars; even though his monthly salary can buy a new car.

Earlier, I used to think that such a soft person won’t have any command on juniors and anyone else. I used to think that his soft behaviors would be a hurdle in decision making. But recently I got to know from someone that He has rocked the entire Jindal Center with his presence. He is finishing the projects with a decent Pace and his decisions are very clear always. His dedication to work and deep knowledge of subject, impresses all.

When his wife arrived here for a few days, I met her few times over the Eating table. She was also a very nice lady with humble confidence. She used to travel the city alone when SIR was in working hours and similar to him, she had a deep spiritual inclination. She prepares delicious dishes but also she handles a social program for kids in village. I was genuinely impressed with her and she resembled my own mother in many angles.

Even though,  Patil sir is a white collared accountant, his interests into Agriculture is not any less. I enjoy discussing crops, fertilizers and milking animals with him. He has a garden of Pomegranates in village and in various times of life, he has tried different types of farming alongside the Job. He still considers himself a Farmer who belongs to Village even though he has spent almost whole life into Metro cities.

World should have more people like Him. Ego should disappear, anger should run out of the window. Short Temper should make a suicide and only LOVE should propagate. Only the Knowledge should Live long, long live the Simplicity.

(Even though, he will read this someday; he should always behave like he hasn’t. )


Blessed with Health

Had a Medical Checkup today ; It was organised by my Company and was free of cost for the employees.

As I went there, the Hospital was filled of sorrows. A lady was crying near her 4 months Old son as that soft soul had problems in Breathing; Another old Man was lying on the Wheel Bed and was being shifted to ICU with full speed; He had some problem with kidney they said. As i tried to communicate with people, a 14 years old girl could not see from One eye and could not hear from the same side Ear ; What a strange problem but she has exams next month and is very worried. And there were different kinds of Pain; the treatments are of course very costly.

In most of the developed nations, more than 10% of GDP is spent on the healthcare of people. In USA, 18% of GDP is spent on Healthcare and most of the treatments people get there for free. And WE, we spend barely 4% on Healthcare and hence, most of poor people die as they don’t have enough resources for treatments in Private hospitals. It is also true that nothing can be done overnight; 10 years back , we were spending only 2 % on Healthcare. Thanks to Our beautiful SARDAR, Dr. Manmohan singh who slowly uplifted the funds to education and Healthcare ( You may dislike him but I can argue with you about his great decisions, he was a great PM). Okay, lets not drift from Original topics..

So in the hospital, among the sad faces there was a good news too. All my tests were bright. I could hear with both ears and could see clearly with both eyes. I could distinguish between many shades of colors and was not found color blind. My heart was beating in Healthy condition and my blood had sufficient Hemoglobin to transport Oxyzen in all my parts. My throat and chest was found cough free. My teeth were free from any pains and contamination ; Urine was found crystal white without any traces of Sugar and Semen.

It all sound too normal until we are sick. Until a small quantity of Sugar appears in Urine or until the HB level in blood drops.  Until we don’t sit in the waiting room of a hospital, we don’t admire how precious our health is. We take this body for Granted and as I always say, we don’t keep it into the best condition.

I asked Doctor to give me some tips about Maintain the Health. He only said 3 lines among his busy day ” Don’t eat junk , drink a lot of water and juices and Exercise ; Sleep full”

Insha Allah, I thank God for blessing me with a great health for last 22 years and I vow to maintain the same.


Random shit

And some honest Journalists, who promise with their profession; they only give the True and necessary news , hardly falling into the trap of TRP. When I started blogging at first, I was like those Blunt journalists, I used to write out my heart just like Annie Frank wrote Diary of a Young Girl.

Blog was meant to be my routine diary but it could not be. As the contacts of my real life started reading the Blog, my bluntness only decreased. I started doing the Posts to impress, to show my superiority of general awareness, to show my kindness and to show off my attention to details.

I posted about my beautiful travels, my good hobbies, my kind heart and intelligent self. Why I tried to show only my better side ?

I should also write about the moments when I smash my head into the wall, when I am sleepless and grab my hairs out. Also I should write about my loneliness which is beyond any measurement. Number of friends and loneliness should not be inter mixed.

All you need is that One person, Not the whole crowd who keep calling me for stupid costly dinners. That one person, who can understand the feeling that I am getting in this cold rain. Who could ask why I am so messed up? ( No one does) . Who could just see my wardrobe and scold for keeping the clothes unwashed.

perhaps I am missing my family. I could just lay down ignoring them and they kept asking the number of questions.  What you eat? Why didn’t you? remove the pants before you sleep? Don’t eat from a stranger ! You have gone so weak, why?

Rite now, my situation feels like the Girl of Titanic, who needs someone to draw her out from the fake world. Or I could be compared to Deepika padukon of Ye Jawani hai Diwani who is just … I dont know how to explain that

I know, right now my mood is on the bottom down, after 1 hour of sleep; I will be normal again. I should sleep before I say too much. bye

And Not sleeping , a friend just called me. Invited me to go to mountain nearby. I am Happy again, what a messed person.