Tales of Indian Directors : 1. Rajkumar Hirani

After reading a Story, you can tell about the Author ; you can guess his likes and dislikes, his wishes and wants.  Similarly, from a Movie you can tell all about the Director. A director makes different types of movies, on different themes ( As a good director should) ; but just pay closer attention and you ll find a similarity in all his movies. Director makes what fascinates him; just like an artist, he only creates what he would want to see in the Society.

So, my this thread TALES OF INDIAN DIRECTORS will introduce the readers with Leading Indian Directors and their moods, tastes. Lets Start :

Our first discussion will be about Rajkumar Hirani. Even though, he only has made 4 movies under his direction but all of them were Blockbusters. So his height as an artist is undoubtedly tall. He started career by making advertisements, they were so creative. He was earning big but he wanted to make it bigger. He wanted to make movies. In his 12 years career, he only made 4 movies. Munna Bhai MBBS (2003) , Lage Raho Munna Bhai ( 2006), Three Idiots ( 2009) and PK ( 2014).

As I pointed earlier too, all the movies are on totally different themes but something is common in all. In all the movies, the central character was a rebel. He made his way, different from the society. The central character questioned the stereotypes and social norms.

In a frame, A Gunda joins a MBBS course and changes the air with JADU KI JHAPPI. His common affection to everyone is just awesome. This only reflects the truth, in this world of Artificial, what is more beautiful than a hug? We crave for touch, dont all of us hug the pillow at times? Had the pillow been an understanding human, our lives could have become almost perfect.

In another frame, He was a Gandhiwadi person who decided to solve everything with a SORRY (Lage raho munna Bhai); with total forgiveness. With increasing education, violent fights are sure to decrease. Moral fights, attitude problems, Egos, Depressions are surely increasing. What is a better way to resolve things than a simple SORRY? Sorry takes so much courage  to come out. Divorces happen, breakups happen, friendships cease just because both parties refuse to say SORRY. So a person who always forgives you no matter what, would have unlimited appeal.

In another case, the subject happens to be a College student(3  Idiots). But he questions the system! The education system, the prejudices, the imposements that our parents put on us. Many of us are dissatisfied with careers, we find ourselves in the wrong river. We love something else, we should be somewhere else. But while selecting career options, we were too young to make our decisions. So parents made the decisions; even though they wanted the best for us, still parents dont always reflect what children want. So this movie makes parents think on a single sentence, ASK THE KID WHAT HE LOVES TO DO?

In his latest movie PK, he questions the society itself. All the evils of society are generated by us. God made it simple, A Human. A female and a Male. But we did so many sub divisions, so many castes, so many religions. Then the rituals; ritual of one religion is very opposite to other , which one is right, who knows? And why care? Should not the religions be abolished? Okay, someone should tell me only one benefit that religion has done to the world. There is probably not a single benefit, I can count 100 harms that religion has done.


In Rajkumar Hirani’s movies, there are no super heroes ; hardly a single action sequence, hardly a single deadly car chase. But his movies are classics with drama, emotion and intelligent humor. All the movies left us with a strong message. He wants people to think, to question the faiths. To explore the boundaries, to think out of Box. I Salute to that great director and hope that he will come with something even better in his Next.

Thanks for Reading ; In the new post, We ll talk about Karan Johar.


An Open letter for Ms. Valentine

Dear Miss valentine,

14th Feb has arrived, It’s a beautiful sunny day. People are holding hands of their second half, making love. Making promises of future, saying sorry for pasts. People are exchanging gifts, kissing the lips of second best person of their lives. You must also be looking for me, impatiently.

Don’t look at high places; don’t look at guys having adventure and don’t look at models. Don’t look at princes or most attractive guys. I am here, an average looking person sitting between a heap of books and hand written rough stories. I am also wondering; where are you, my other half? What is taking you so long to appear?

Come soon, I want to say Sorry.  Sorry that you are still buying movie tickets yourself,  that no one is there to pick n drop you from office , sorry that you are celebrating Valentine’s Day as Father-Mother day. Sorry that, there is no one to make you feel special with new and creative ways. But I know, You ll forgive all these sins of me ; forgiveness should be first thing that Humans have.

Come soon, I want to ask questions. That do you also search for me? Do it also makes you sad to be single in this part of year? Do you accept people with imperfections? Ok Tell, Do you like to read too? I mean, will you edit my stories that I dream my future on? Tell, Have we crossed paths? If yes, then both of us were stupid not to recognize each other’s presence. We’ll be careful in future. I know, Men should be more active. It was my responsibility to find you out, and then convince you of my affection and then we could be together. But I know, you ll forgive my this mistake too.

Come soon, I want to make promises. But I won’t promise big things, big promises give bigger wounds. I won’t promise to treat you as a Princess as that happens in fairy tales only. Neither will I promise to keep you happy 24*7, that is impossible job to be done by a Human. How can I promise to give you everything of world?  But yes, I can promise you to give everything that i have; My time and Energy. I can promise to be Loyal. More than that, I do promise to respect all your friends and more importantly, your parents. I can promise to respect your career aspirations and of course, I can promise to accept your imperfections as a human.

I have written few poems and stories dedicated to you. They are still unseen by anyone else. Come, We ll read them sitting together. They ll be funny.


  • Raman

5 Bikes that I did consider before actually buying the One !!!

In October, I had to buy a new Bike finally. Of my Own money, no bothering to parents this time. My budget was under 1 Lac and I didn’t care about Mileage much. I wanted something which looks good , which has a history of long life. So the research was started, started asking my friends.

Everyone held a different opinion, some advised me to buy a cheaper bike which would give good fuel efficiency, some others believed in a very costly bike as we don’t purchase  a vehicle daily. Yet, some others questioned my need of bike; walking by foot is so good, so exercising, healthy and pollution free. One person went to extreme, saying that My wife will bring everything in Dowry, he advised me to wait until my marriage.

Mixing all the opinions, I found that no opinion worked for me. Everyone was just imposing their points on me, No one would understand what type of product I need. So, I skipped all.

I made a list of 5 bikes, which would appeal to me that most. This was the list :-

1. Hero Karizma R  :- This was the bike that I had for one year in College. It looks awesome , It rides really smooth and is stable on higher speeds. But for some reasons, I didn’t like buying it again. It requires a lot of maintenance and costly spares. 


2. Bajaj Avenger :-   The ultimate cruise Bike. I have tried riding it when I was in Chandigarh. It rides smooth like water and very suitable for long trips. 


3. Yamaha Fazer :-  2 of my good friends Own this, its tried and tested by me. It is good for speed and stability but like every Yamaha product, services are spares are worrying. 

download (1)

4.  Royal Enfield Classic :- Fed up of everything, I was just going to buy this. My cousin brother has this. And I have rided this uncountable number of times. Its abilities are beyond any question and its appeal is resisted by none. More than 100 years back, Cheenai Based company started manufacturing this and this is one of glorious Indian product that is even hugely exported. 

So , I made my mind to purchase it. I called the Dealer but the Pity, this bike was running on advance booking of at least 6 months. Who has the patience ?


5. Bajaj Pulsar 180 :- Next day, I just went to market and brought this. No more calculations and suggestions. 

I would suggest to you that, No product is inferior or superior ( At least in high price range). You just have to make your choice, the choice and suggestions of other people are always irrelevant. 

IMG_20141207_095416       IMG_20141207_095408


AAP kisses DILLI , ahead of Kiss Day !!!!

Ahead of Everything, let me tell you that there are 2 types of people in world. One who pronounce it as DELHI and others who call it DILLI. I belong to the later group and the later also seems more organic and natural for the queen of Cities.

I am falling in love with my India more and more. See our elections, How Neat !!! A common man can dream anything, there are no barriers. Election commission has enough power, how beautiful this is. I mean, BJP is strongly leading central Govt. , still they had to accept the defeat in DILLI. They could not assert themselves and forge the results.

A time had come when Kejriwal was being Joked at, his political career was on the bottom down. But see his recovery; see his victory. And is this victory only his? Nah, it is the whole society. People were just fed up, fed up of false promises, fed up of corruption and they were fed up of VIP culture.

Yes, VIP culture is biggest problem in DILLI. You see, DILLI is political hub of India. 554 MPs live here, so many secretaries, IAS, Bade Babus live in DILLI. PM, Rashtrapati, Rajya Sabha members live here. And their young kids are generally arrogant. They misuse LAL BATTI vehicle of parents. Normal people have to stand in queue for everything as LAL BATTI gets priority everywhere.

People were just fed up of VIP politicians. They wanted some common man to come, to take the seat. To view the problems from their viewpoint. To work in field , rather than only staying in office. Only Aam Aadmi Party had the product to supply that People demanded.

So AAP wins. Writing few lines about Arvind Kejriwal is necessary here. He was slapped during rallies, Ink was thrown at him. Jokes were circulated against him on Social media but see his determination. Persistence was his power, a girl yields for a persistent lover, persistent effort control a Wild horse. And I am very inspired by Arvind’s character.



And BJP, who was claiming its victory has lost the game. My question for BJP is this :-



images (3)


5 things to learn from Movie : I ( Starring Vikram)

The movie was released one month before ; So the reviews are not relevant now. But as I saw it only today and also I am having a working internet connection , so there is no harm in typing a few lines about good things of movie.

1.  Loving the look of a person is not the right kind of love. However, mostly human love tends to develop around the look, at least in initial stage.

2.  That is not love, but Lust. Lust is very disastrous in nature as well as in effect.  The Makeup artist in the Movie didn’t love the Hero genuinely.

3. Had she loved him, she would not have looked for the revenge. All the acid attacks and other crimes performed by crazy lovers are hardly inspired by any love, merely lust is the motivating factor behind that.

4. Our body is so fragrile, so temporary. It can be burnt with little effort, its shape can be tempered. Only the soul should be genuine indicator of us. Good relations are bonds of the soul; if the souls cease the have bond, Even hottest celebrities have divorces.

5. Out of the 7 billion crowd, there should be the one person by our side. The One who is more than all combined, who is just there no matter what. In movie, Hero’s friend was constant companion of all crimes, without any personal selfishness. Well, when you find such a person, don’t let him go. Just like Munna and Circuit ..

Movie was slightly longer than 3 hours but it was rolling. South India has some of very talented Directors, actors and Musicians. Their movies always have better comedy as well as Action than Bollywood. Every part of country has some dominant trait in movies. For example; Bengali movies are more intense and emotional, they generally don’t go for very high budgets. Bhojpuri movies are more RASIYA in nature, women with chubby body and double meaning talks.

Okay, tomorrow is sunday and PROPOSE DAY too.. Don’t forget or Don’t be shy in proposing the one you Love.


9 reasons Why I am Single !! :p

Valentine Week is here and couples must have planned the things. All the best to all the Cute couples of World; Be good to your second half , Be loyal and Just enjoy…

Right from college, I was always a  helper of couples. Uncountable number of times, I have traveled in auto as my friends used to take my bike for a Date. Several times, I have slept on roof as my friend was in my room with his Gf . I have always helped couples in need on my risk ; reason is personal. Couples look good to me, I want them to feel good on any cost.

I am not ugly, I look decent. My sense of humor is better than 90% of world ( If you sit around for some time ). I care for persons and yes, I keep secrets and I am loyal.. But still I don’t have a girlfriend; After a long session of mind exercise, I got these 9 reasons :-

1. People think I am just so great and beautiful and interesting and funny that there is no way in hell i can be single, and if I were, I would never go out with them, and that is why I am still looking for someone as equally fabulous as me.

2. I don’t just know doing casual chats. I go deep in topics of politics and history, writers and books, geography and solar science; and lol that is not type of talk that normal girls like.

3. I don’t crave for Sex anymore. The Lust gives romantic energy to most of Males but my lust for bodies is too less. Beauty of face is not my goal, I respect beauty of mind. And which is not very obvious to find, of course.

4. Women who have proposed me in past, were all disappointed. All of them thought that I am single and would commit to them instantly but that didn’t happen. Somehow, my attitude rises very much when a female gives me attention.

5. I have so many female friends that I never feel like a single. my phone keep ringing of their calls, their messages keep coming and we share almost everything. So I am already in a mini relationship with number of girls and I love all of them ( In a different way of course).

6.  I do so many things to keep my mind busy. Blogging, writing, reading, playing and of course, I also do a Job. So mental space that I have is very less.

7. I don’t wake up past 10. So any chat after that is never entertained. And mark my words, late night chats are most productive in initial phase of a relationship.

8.  You can see it or not, my self esteem is very high. In college time, A Self esteem test was conducted in our college by a team of experts. I scored 92 out of hundred and topped the whole class. So I do everything my way, Good or bad; doesn’t matter. What you think of me? Doesn’t matter and You , Doesn’t matter.  So I am generally considered too intimidating to date.

9. And the last, My tastes. My taste in clothes is Ajeeb , my friends are not good, I do much too Gali Galoch and im a drinker too. So the normal definition of a decent guy excludes me.

So, I am Single, sitting in blanket with phone on charging in Other corner of room. On general, being single is fine. But at some times, you scratch your head and think that there should be someone. If there is someone, she will eventually come and I have left everything to destiny. I won’t settle for anything lesser than what I deserve, I won’t accept any proposal just to exploit the body of a Woman.