Farmer Suicide : why they do this ?

Assume , you have worked for one month honestly in your office. Tomorrow is the salary day, but it rains in evening. Your salary of 36000 gets reduced to 6000. How will you feel?

One of my friend remarked “Farmers are too impatient; yes, nonseasonal rains have  destroyed the crops but suicide is not a solution”.

This friend belongs to a city; I can understand his point as he has never felt the pains of a farmer.

I was born into a farming family; we have 9 acres of land where we grow Wheat and rice. In the days of harvesting the crop, we used to have big aspirations. Suppose, we are expecting 700,000 rupees after 15 days as crop is getting matured. And today, there is a thunderstorm and unwanted rains; those 700,000 comes out to be 200,000 only and sometimes even worse. Do you know that feeling? I have seen my father crying while we used to dance in rains as a kid.

A farmer doesn’t get any monthly salary, he gets it in 6 months. He borrows money for fertilizers, labours, seeds and pesticides. He has to feed his family, pay the fees of his kids; all hopes are on crop. But when crop fails; he fears, how will he return the borrowed money? how his kids will continue the schooling? So many HOW appears but there is no answer.

Most of suicides are a result of fear and disappointment. Fear of the humiliation that he has to face from money lenders and fear of seeing his family hungry. But then arrives a ray of hope, SUICIDE. Perhaps after suicide, govt. will awake to my family and will pay some lakhs of compensation. Perhaps money lender will become softer to my family and will abolish the borrowed amount.

Basically, the suicide is not a clot to farmer but on govt. itself. Why the farmers don’t avail crop insurance scheme is not a failure of farmers; it’s the failure of govt. itself that it could not make the scheme attractive enough.

In the next post, we shall discuss about some possible solutions of this problem; stay tuned. Thanks



Please guys, go through this and solve my confusion :

When in night, a random thought comes into mind; a beautiful thought that can be written on paper and then sold of thousands. But we are too lazy to write it then, we wake in morning and sit on the writing table. But that thought is no more there, that has flied. It happens much too often, a thought strikes, its too beautiful to let it go but right then we are in middle of certain other things; after some times, we search the bucket of our mind for that thought but its empty.

The thought that strikes me in middle of works, in midnight ; where that flies?  Am i the owner of my mind or just the user? Do i control its function or do it control mine? Are me and my mind 2 different entities?

I have a reason to believe that my mind and me are 2 different entities. Suppose, you don’t want to spend a single penny in shopping this month but you go to a store and you know what happens next. Then there are 2 different persons inside you; one who didn’t want to shop and the one who did shop. One who didn’t want to propose that girl but the other who wrote a letter to her. One who want to do morning exercise and the other who want to sleep.

What we want to do and what exactly we do; why the difference? If we are one, why our thoughts and behavior are contradictory?  If mind controls our thought, who controls the behavior?

I am too puzzled; remember a shayari of GHALIB



( Leaving everything aside, I am of firm belief that writers must carry a pocket diary and should write the precious thought immediately; where thought flies is a mystery to everyone)


Tales of Indian Directors : 2. Karan Johar

So, this is the newer chapter in my thread of studying the works of Indian Directors. My last post was about RAJ KUMAR HIRANI. If you havn’t gone through it, Have a look !!!

KJO has confessed to be Gay; floating gender. His physic is male but perhaps a female soul lives within. That is  purely visible when he dances, so feminine. These types of people are generally very blessed in art and music.

KJO was only 26 when his debut directorial KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI was released, he was too young and inexperienced. Many persons doubted his movie making capability but the release of KKHH was a sensation. It was a masterpiece; even the tougher critics gave it 9.5 out of 10. Who knows where the 0.5 marks were lost? :p

Karan Johar launches new movie 'Student of the Year' 1

Binding Karan Johar in words won’t be an easy task. His emotional quotient is too high that he do all the justice with complex emotional characters ; he understands human nature truly.

Karan Johar’s sets are always grand; movie is always saturated with emotions. His characters don’t live in slums; they are rich people. He never talks about hunger, education, poverty but love, romance and affection. His movies hardly pay attention to social problems; there is no court, no police anywhere. Only the characters and their loves, families and fantasies.

When you watch KKHH and SOTY, stylish characters emerge. A college scene; not a regular college with Suit n salwar girls and strict professors but a musical college, full of events, dances and crushes. When I was a kid, I used to dream that all the colleges are like KKHH. But that didn’t happen and Karan johar must be responsible for millions of similarly broken fantasies.

The college scenes that he directs are very similar in nature ( No matter which movie this is ). See SRK of KKHH, Hritik Roshan of KKKG or Varun/siddharth of SOTY , every hero is unarguably the best guy available in whole college. He is always rich, having a car, a big house, every girl wants to be in his arms.

Coming to heroines, be it Rani of Kuch kuch hota hai or Kareena of Kabhi Khushi kabhi gham or Alia of Student of the Year ; every heroine is full of stylish ego. He makes them wear short skirts always, revealing the thighs.

In karan Johar movies, college is not a place to study but an arena of love and music. A beautiful fantasy where . Hero is  lover, villain is also lover. There is no fight, only love.  KJO has done his most of work with SRK. So heightened romance and quick sense of humour comes automatically. Success of KJO stands manifold on shoulders of SRK too.

No doubt, bollywood movies are generally loaded with heightened drama that don’t happen in real. But KJO’s drama is so possible to happen in real, it can happen. It is heightened but also possible. He makes us to dream more than any other director.

Many critics blame KJO for making movies with loads of escapism. He transports the audience in a whole new world, where things are more beautiful, where faces are not pale. Where characters have a sense of humor and are established in a rich society. His characters live in a place where all of us want to be, they  study in a college where all of us would love to get admission.

(This post excludes MNIK, that is not a typically KJO movie.)


First time experience

First time moment is always special; first time when we learn walking, first time when we ride the cycle by ourselves, that first kiss. We do things again and again but that first time can hardly vanish from memories.

8 months ago, I made a blog and did my first post. But no one did view it. But when first visitor came to my blog, it felt good. First comment came, I was assured that words has readers too other than writers.

I wrote my first story in Hindi 2 years back. When one of my female friend in chandigarh did read that, she was all in tears. Yes, It was an emotional story of Indian partition. First time someone praised my work, I still remember that moment. After that, there have been many praises but nothing gives the joy that first time gives.

So friends, I am going to have another first time experience . Perhaps a collection of my 10 short stories will go to publication house very soon. Stories are ready, I am drafting them finally. I want to make them better and better to be published by a good company.

At the age of 22, thinking of a book being published under my name is overwhelming. There are many insecurities;  I don’t want to publish inferior content, how publishers will treat me? Will someone read my book as I am not that popular (My fb status never exceed 15 likes). I need some good persons to review my work, I want someone to sit by side and draft it line by line. Perhaps I need to take advice from some experts, those grey haired men who have ended their lives licking the literature. Will try

BTW Jane Austen also published her Pride and prejudice at 23 years of age and Annie frank was just 13. Yes, young and inexperienced people also have a scope.



If i continued my distance from blog, I shall be forgotten very soon. My blog graph will fall on zero and there will be no one to care if I post anymore or not. Whatever,

People give millions of reasons to respect women. They say she acts as a daughter, sister, mother, wife at the same time but whats the big deal? Men also act as  a son, brother, father and husband at the same time. They say women are tender and soft, but she bears 45 units of pain while delivering a baby, men can bear only 27 del. They say, help a female in need; but I feel like don’t jump at her rescue too early. Let her fight with the situation herself first, if she fails, then jump in arena.

Let me narrate an incident of college time; I had a friend SHILPA in Electronics engg. A guy from our college used to stalk her on facebook with abuses/adult stuff. She complained this to me, she wanted me to take some action against him. One day, we were sitting on bike stand and that guy was coming from somewhere alone. Shilpa asked me to talk to him, i obliged. I stood up and went to that guy; but before I could speak, a thought came to my mind. Why should I talk with this guy? He has done nothing wrong with me; why am i advocating shilpa? Is she weaker than me? No, she isn’t. So I waved at Shilpa and she came. I asked her to talk with this guy whatever she wants, I will stand behind you.

She hesitated for a moment, but I went and stood behind her. Then slowly, she started talking; her confidence kept improving and finally she became a tigress with 2 minutes. She thrashed the guy completely, she didn’t need me anymore. I was happy that she don’t need me anymore, next time she can do it herself.

Uncountable number of times, I had a chance to help a girl but I didn’t . I never ran away from the sight, but always passively let her do it herself. Let her get the  experience, let her inner confidence improve.

Girls are not weaker to us, they are stronger. Society has made such mindset which portray women as weaker gender, this false mindset needs immediate erasing. Yes, physically they are weaker to us, but how many times physical strength is tested in this emotionally mature world? A thin guy like me always have a courage to stand up against anyone, I know physically  I am not that strong but it doesn’t matter at all. Courage is everything.

Young ladies should be full of courage. Don’t look for a helping hand in every situation, don’t always look for a seat lending in train, don’t expect someone else to fight with the guy stalking you. Just do it yourself; yes, do it yourself.

Remember, SRK of Chak de India? When in restaurant, girls had a fight with a gang of boys. SRK didn’t intervene, he just saw young ladies discovering their own powers, they defeated the boys themselves. Yes, I am that SRK everytime.

( Author bears a high degree of respect for females. He wants to see them empowered, free in their decision making. Their lives should be what they want. As simple as that, stop caring much for them. More you care, more weaker you make them feel. )