Stop Honking; NO ” Horn please”

I was reading about alarming stats of Noise pollution in India the other day. Of course, Delhi tops in Air, water as well as noise pollution. Well, it never deters my love for Delhi; Nah ” Dilli” to be precise. I don’t know who renamed it as DELHI instead of historicla DILLI.

We roar loud and clear; we complain and whine, we ask our Govt. again and again to provide us a better city. A city with less noise pollution, a city with more peace and calm. But what we contribute?

Okay, lets take an example of Japan and New Zealand. People don’t honk there, they would drive calmly. If something is obstructing their way, they would speed down the vehicle but not honk. Blowing an horn in considered very very rude there. If someone blows, people would look at him in ultimate disgust; even his girlfriend sitting in his side would refuse to talk to him for a while. They honk when it’s very necessary, that’s why when someone honks there, he is taken very seriously like an emergency case and that’s why there is lesser noise pollution instead of having more cars per person.

And see the situation here. We honk when overtaking someone, we honk when asking for side. If traffic is blocked by someone, everyone honks together. We honk before taking a turn and also we do honk continuously when we are running at a higher speed. We just honk; then we ask Govt. to control the noise pollution for us.

I did an experiment. Last month, I vowed not to honk until it is very necessary. And you won’t believe, how less we actually need to honk. In last one week, I don’t remember if I have honked more than once or twice. And even that a little half second honk not a full 5 second long siren. Horn is an unnecessary evil; even if car manufacturers stop giving the horn, I don’t think it would increase the number of accidents. main-qimg-8f05e1a16f554f5e17dd62ba463dd41c

However, I hope you got my message.


Changing weather

On this blog, last time I posted to say about my thoughts on Dr. Kalam’s journey to heaven. I don’t believe in hell or heaven actually. Sometimes, I would pray to God about something. But in actual, I neither believe in God. Sometimes while having a discussion, I would give references from Ramayan or Mahabharat. But in actual, I don’t believe those epics actually ever existed. I would recall Lord Ganesh as starting point of every noble business but if you will start a debate on Ganesh, I would deny his existence.

Reason is plain. Science is yet to discover many things. Things which were unexplained to people in older times are all known today. Earlier people even didn’t believe that Earth is round, they believe now. My grandmother still don’t believe that man has reached to moon and back. She says it must be a joke, How can someone go there? But I made her believe that science can do this. In future, science will come with logics behind the eternal mystery, Life and death. Until then, we must believe some sort of superficial power working behind this.

I recall an old speech of Mr. Modi, it was perhaps and occasion of doctors. Modi said “Indian surgens have been historically better over the world. They successfully implanted head of elephant on Ganesh.” Even though, we all see Ganesh having elephant face, still I don’t back anyone when they take these topics of belief to platforms of debate. If you ll say that Ravan came flying to get Sita and then Hanuman flew to carry the whole mountain, I ll just nod. But if you ll drag these things in court and asking for patent of flying machine in 3000BC, I won’t back you.

Well, not relevant but I guess it’s the thing we all must agree upon. Behind all religious beliefs, we must agree that those beliefs don’t drive the world and neither they have any proof of existence.

However, I was talking about the changing weather. This sensation came to me 5 days ago. I stepped out of my room at 6 am and I felt that cold have started pouring in. Every day, there is a feel-able increase in the intensity of coolness. Got to buy some new jackets. What’s you weather update guys?