2016 : Resolutions

Another year passed, a whole set of 365 days or some people tend to count it in seconds which becomes almost uncountable. When 2015 started, I had finally decided to follow the resolutions religiously. To write a number of stories, to go to exercise consistently, to learn a musical instrument etc to name a few. But on large, I missed the mark. Being a person who doesn’t sleep much, who doesn’t spend more time with irrelevant persons in buying the curtains of their homes, I have a lot of time in hand generally.

So, it’s again a new year. Again a path should be decided

  1. Write, write and write :-                                                                                                                                                               Even though, I wrote no more than 4-5 stories in gone year, it would be wrong to say that I didn’t write at all. In fact, I wrote so many facebook posts and so many letters to dear people that I was always writing something or thinking to write. But, there is a difference in    just playing the guitar and playing it with innovation and career. Just playing it takes you nowhere, just running 5km a day won’t take you no where. You need to see what you want from it and then work accordingly.

Dancing daily is of no use unless you master an art of Kathak or Break-dance. So, I need to see for what I am writing. And in short, I should resume writing stories, at least 15 this year (Okay, 10).

2.       Learn to dance :-

It’s evident, it’s proven and it’s a fact. You can’t escape the dance floor every time. Parties come, gatherings come, music turns on. All start shaking hips and you start shivering finding the nearest corner or coolest excuse.

Actually, I have danced much in past. In fact, sometimes I have danced so rigorously that I overwhelmed all the fellow dancers. But that dance was generally alcohol influenced and I had to hide my face in shame while watching that video next day. Dancing isn’t hard at all, all you have is to loosen yourself a bit and go with the beat. But a person like me, I mean a very much self-conscious person can’t loosen so easily. So I must learn some basic hip shaking rules etc.

3.     Exercise :-

1st time in life, I started exercising in 2013; I reached 150 push ups and 100 situp daily with 1 Km of running and other basic stretches. It took no more than 40-50 minutes and benefit I received was immense. Of course, I could feel the tightness of shirt around my arms and shoulders, I also remember the way people looked at me. Some would point out that I am looking better, some others would say that I’ve gained some fitness surely. And those comments were always flattering and it all continued for 6 months.

But then something happened and I stopped doing it. But I can still remember those good days and good things exercise brought to me. I will start it as soon as possible again.

4.   Good friend ships :-

I was always the least friendly person of my group, always self-possessed and always putting my work above others. Still, it was me who had most contacts in other cities, who used to get a work done from a person whom I met once or twice.

May be, I am not surrounded by people all the time but certainly, I have quality people who don’t back stab me and are/will be there for me in hour of need. I always have someone whom I can call for a drink, I always have someone to go out on tea. Don’t know how, but I am satisfied with few relations I make, all of them are amazingly reliable. Keep it on.

5.  Travel Man, travel :-

It was 2011 and 2012, when I traveled most. with years, I only have disappointed traveler inside me. Reason is simple, there are no persons here who want to travel like a traveler does. They are all who do too much planning, too much costs involved and too little room of fun.

My travel idea is similar to a Faqir, using little resources and exploring what our immediate senses tell us to explore not what we have planned from Internet already. Whatever, Will try to travel some more this year.

6.  Read :-

I guess I did enough reading this year. In fact, I read too much. Starting from many novels of Premchand, I read The Kite runner. Then 12 years a slave and then Pride and prejudice. I also read The notebook and I also did read An accidental prime minister by Sanjay Baru. I read Nehru’s discovery of India and so did I read train to Pakistan. I did read Abhigyan shakuntlam and Mudra-rakshas. I did read ramayan and many poetry books. I am sure that I have missed at least 10 names from books which I read this year and not to mention daily wikipedia pages.

However, this must be continued for all the years to live as life is short and there are too many pending books to read.

new-year-s-resolutions-stylish-design-icons-flat-design-58368876.jpgAnd that’s all. It’ll be enough If I did all these things, only partially though.



Obsession with Punjab

All this started in 2008; Our whole family was watching news in night. Reporters were reporting the Taj hotel attacks in Bombay, how a team of few pakistani terrorists entered India by sea route and massacred around 300 people while leaving many other wounded and destroying a property of millions and putting a question mark on Indian tourism industry. Everyone knows that tourist arrival in India fell by half in 2009.

Okay, we were watching the news. News channel had an audio clip of terrorists talking on their hands-free devices. Those terrorists were speaking in Punjabi with each other, I felt intrigued. Are these terrorists Indian? How can they speak punjabi? Have they learnt an Indian language before entering India?  Only to discover later that there is a bigger punjab on that side of the border. Then I discovered that in India only 4% people speak Punjabi but 55% people in Pakistan speak that.

I searched more and more, found out that refugee families living in India once were rich landlords in that side of Punjab. Found out that Lahore city got it’s name from Ram’s big son Loh and adjoining Kusoor city got its name from Ram’s  younger son Kush. The city Multan gets it’s reference in Vedas as Mulsthan which is on the bank of Sutlej river. The city Peshawar finds it’s reference in vedas as Purushpur. And of course, many other cities have got their origination in ancient history of Hindustan.

Harrapa and Mohanjodero which are proud ancient civilizations of India are in present day Pakistan. Hindu got it’s name from Sindhu river; all of us know that people living on eastern side of Sindhu river were called Hindus. How we got divided from our Sindhu river? All the five rivers Sutlej, Ravi, beas, Jhelum and Chenab flow down from Indian punjab to Pakistan punjab. And we have divided all the punjab on basis of religion? Indian punjabis eat a lot of non-veg like their Pakistani brothers and Pakistani Punjabis perform same agriculture like their Indian friends.

You know what? Lahore is the no. 1 city in world where majority of people speak Punjabi; 90%. Lahore is biggest punjabi city in world. Lahore was the capital of Punjab from centuries. In fact, during Indian freedom struggle, more conferences and meetings were held in Lahore than Delhi itself.( Bhagat singh was also a Lahori) If both Punjabs merge someday, neither Delhi nor Chandigarh will be capital, but Lahore.

It might be interesting that famous love stories of Heer Ranjha, Soni mahiwal, Mirza sahiba and sassi pannu; all have happened in Punjab. And most of them have happened in Pakistan side of punjab, particularly in Jhang area on the banks of river Chenab. On their love stories, Father of Punjabi poems Waris shah has written his famous book Heer and Bulleh shah is regarded as great sufi saint on both sides of border. Baba Farid lived and died on that side of border but Indian cities of Faridabad and Faridkot are named after him.

When Britishers came to conquer Punjab in 1849, they saw very strong feeling of linguistic nationalism. Britishers called it Punjabi nationalism; Punjabis were very proud of their culture and food and language, of course. Feelings of religion were largely  absent or very dilute; punjabi nationalism prevailed. Britishers saw it and threw the acid of Urdu on Punjabi by making Urdu the official language of Punjab followed by widespread Hindu muslim divide agenda. We all have seen the result.


Scarce sun

Sun is a scarce commodity in North India for entire winters. It’s my 4th day in my home city in Haryana and sun hasn’t appeared bright and warm till now. It is hiding behind a thick layer of silver clouds; sometimes the clouds would get away, giving our dear Sun a moment to breath. But that moment is generally very short lived, finishing even before we come out of room with chairs and oil to massage our legs and hairs in sun.

It reminds me of childhoods; beautiful days of school. Sun is conventionally absent in north India from 20th dec. to 10 jan. We had modest childhoods, studying in local private schools with limited furniture and sitting mostly on grounds. Ground being chilly cold, most of students used to sit on notebooks. And then came the Indian mentality; who wants to sit on his own Notebook or Vidya mata? So notebook stealing session would begin; students silently stealing each others notebooks and then sitting on them. That used to be funny like hell; when the front benchers had no idea that their protected bags have been robbed with hands as fine as professional robbers.  Those were the funny days.

There is one more little known secret of those days; that is about bathing. We used to bath once or twice in week. Most of students in class were like this. There was a students; Deepak. He was Mr. stinker of class or Dankla in Haryanavi. He was the boy sitting in corner; used to eat a lot of papers and chalks. He would bath once in a month and that also by force when teachers disallowed him to enter the class. I remember one unfortunate day. He was stinking too much; to everyone’s pleasure, teacher ordered him to get out of the class but he wouldn’t move. He was as stubborn as much dirty he was. Teacher hit him many times with sticks but he wouldn’t move saying that he will bath the next day. But it was the question of teacher’s ego; boy had to move. Teacher ordered us to take this heap of smell out, I and my best friend were assigned the job to lift him like a box and throw him away. I held his legs, my friend holding him by shoulders; we tried to lift him but he moved his legs like hammers and rolled himself like a ball which made it very difficult to hold him firmly by any angle. But we had to prove our strength; we persisted on him. We left him only after I felt some warm liquid on my hands; Deepak urinated.

Very unlike today’s schools, our basic education was very informal. No benches, not very educated teachers, minimal professionalism, brutal force exerted by teachers over students. Oh, I diverted from topic.

And the topic was absence of sun. You see, sun is the defining point of day and night; it makes the boundary between mornings and evenings. Without sun, mornings extends themselves up to evenings and day finishes before you charge up for work. Surya dev, have some mercy. 460756429.jpg