Liberalism and We

Mutazir told me that this platform will be about liberal mouthpieces. The phrase “Liberal mouthpieces” is very delighting as liberal is the one word, very close to my heart. This word has in itself, the future of a forward looking humanity. Liberal word, is a guarantee for tolerance and secularism. Even though dictionary has a certain definition for Liberalism, I believe that for everyone, liberal word has a different meaning. Some people associate it with sexual liberty, some others with curiosity; some others with expressive liberty and yet same others extend the liberty up to insanity but that is alright. Liberty treats every school of thought with honour, even let it be conservative which is exactly contradictory.

To erase the confusion, if someone wants to summarize the whole concept of Liberalism, the phrase “Live and let live” will be most appropriate.

Well, for me Liberty is curiosity. I associate liberalism with bombardment of questions on every sphere of life like Rutherford bombarded a beam of alpha particles on the gold foil in his famous experiment. My liberalism is asking questions.

And I ask simple ones. Is killings of civilians in Kashmir justified? Should I be afraid to say it against my country? And then the simpler ones. Should it be a crime to hurt religious sentiments? Oh come on. Sentiments are hurt everywhere, everyday. Ask that hungry fellow on street and he’ll tell that his religious sentiments have been hurt by the whole society by declining him food and brotherhood.

Conservatives believe what they are taught, liberals do ask questions. They ask why the apple has fallen from tree downwards? They ask why day and night comes? They don’t care about ancient shit that day and night comes by some big devil opening and closing his ass. Yes, Wright brothers were liberals. They were told again and again that a piece of iron doesn’t fly. They believed it can and now everyone believes it.

As a liberal, I dare to ask something to all of us. Is it good to hate each other just because you live in some part of Punjab called Pakistan and Myself in some part of Punjab, in India? Our divide is 70 years old, our unity is 3000. Those 3000 years have seen the fall and rise of many empires. Ashoka came, Guptas came, Ghulams came, Lodhi came, Mughals came, Britishers came and then came this system of governance.

If that strong empire of Ashoka and even stronger of Akbar was not permanent, should we believe that this system of governance with exist forever? If it was not Mughal empire forever, if it was not British empire forever, shall we believe that it will be India and Pakistan forever? Everything came, everything lived, everything faded. If something passed the test of time, that is our Sanjhi virasat.

So, to all the liberals connected to this platform, I want to give you a question before putting myself off.

Should we have more love for the political ideology which teaches us to hate each other or more love and loyalty to this Indus valley which has held us together, through all the kings and governances, through all the centuries and millenniums?

Jai Hind.

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