I was born in Early days of 1993; in Winters.

Similar to winters, my attitude is quite cold. They say, a smiling face looks good but someone should teach me to smile. I am 21, have moved a lot of places in early days of my career and now, I am away from family and old faces.

I don’t know how to make friends easily. Go to a social situation, the person standing alone in corner is ME. Just come and say HII, you ll be overwhelmed by my talking potential.
But after some serious judgement, I discovered that I am not alone of this type. In several situations, all of us are like this ( Introvert, shy). So I am just one random face among you.

I love to read and then discuss on deep topics. Talk to me about Sports, Politics, Economy, Religion and even Love. Talk to me about History, Geography and whatever exists on earth. I promise I won’t disappoint you.

On this blog, I tend to post content on different and real topics. Comments as well as serious criticisms are very much welcome.

Thanks for giving your time in Reading this…

(Hey, and don’t imagine me an introvert looser. I laugh with full 32 teeth visible and have die-hard friends..)

30 thoughts on “About

  1. Haha.. Thanks. Our writing very much depend on that particular moment in which we were writing. In a serious time, we may hate ourselves but we can feel the opposite one hour later tooo…
    So there exist many persons within a single human. One of them may be a writer, other a joker and other a politician.. one of them may be introvert and other may be Raj of DDLj.

  2. Hi Raman, I got your ‘Follow’ notification on my blog. Since I’m preparing for my exams, I had decided to reply and reciprocate for all the follows and likes after my exams. So, I was just taking the routine peek on your blog when your ‘About me’ just hooked me on to your blog. You’ve created a mind-blowing first impression. Looking forward to reading your posts. And thanks for the Follow. 🙂

  3. Hey Raman !!! Welcome to WP it is one of the best place to hang around. Thank you for dropping by and following Keep Picturing. Nice to meet you. Would love to follow your WP journey. All the best.
    Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  4. Just remember that, their is no shame in being an introvert ! Most of the people who blog about their personal lives and feelings here are Introverts, as far as I have observed in two years 🙂 Loved your frank honest intro, hope to read interesting articles on your blog. Salam !

    • Thanks.. Yes, I totally agree to your point, bloggers are very similar in nature. Soft and sensitive. Okay, I ll go through your blog , it seems interesting.

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